Hello fashion lovers!
My name is Sara Pena and I am proud to say that I am the
President of Fashion Inc. 
(I'm the one on the left with my bff of 22 years)
 I am in my final semester at Fresno State and will be
graduating with my B.A. in Fashion Merchandising.  It has been a long road
and in a way it's sad that it is coming to an end,
yet exciting to think of all of the possibilities that await me after. 
I love and live for fashion!  Where would any of us be without it?
I have NO clue, and I don't want to think of a world without it. 
Wear what you want...
Wear what makes you happy...
Wear what makes you feel beautiful...
Wear what makes you, you...  
Double Kisses!  XOXO

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