Sneak Peek of BY Design for Revived Fashion Show 2

BY Design Teaser Photoshoot

              I am not the greatest designer, neither am I the worse. This would be my second time participating in a fashion show. I was honestly not going to participate in this open opportunity, but then I told myself that I needed more practice with my designs. Revived came along, I gave it a shot and here I am writing about it. 
                These are my two glamorous models, Alyssa Gutnik and Mayra Saldana both modeling my gowns for the Revived Fashion Show. My theme collection is titled as, "The Grimm's Couture." This is an inspiration from the story book, "The Brother's Grimm," and from fantasy fairy tales. I come from a very theatrical background, so my designs aren't just your typical modernized gowns, but with a little dark twist to it as well. Anything that deals with fantasy attracts my full attention to it. My collection was originally going to be inspired from Tim Burton and titled as, "The Burton Couture." I thought maybe not for this fashion show, because my direction went towards the fantasy world, which led into Fairy Tales. To combine my use of Tim Burton's dark and gloomy style into my world of fairy tales, I thought of  "The Brother's Grimm." Some of my designs for the fashion show will be based off of specific characters and some will be the overall atmosphere of "The Brother's Grimm." 

             The lovely, Alyssa Gutnik a.k.a. Taylor Swift, has modeled for numerous fashion shows and print work. Gutnik is also one of my acquaintances who coaches runway with me at the Talent Shop. This girl is as tall as 5'9. Here you see Gutnik wearing a red sassy silk dress with black laced sequins in the front. I wanted her to be the Queen of Hearts, but a slight glamorous version of the evil Queen of Hearts. This dress was an absolute flawless look, with a magical twist to it. This dress is considered as a high-low dress, placing the cut of the dress high and as it drops lower, the dress then drags down. It does have a train dragging from the back to give the look of "Red Carpet." Though you cannot tell where the high-low starts from, I actually made the dress a high-low from her right side. This is a little twist of different style, as opposed to seeing the high-low from the center and down. My audience will be the judge if this style of high-low will survive or not, but it's an experiment to test out.
            Mayra Saldana, the fierce one I call, has been modeling herself for a while as well. Mayra's most recent work was with New York's Family Magazine, modeling a wedding dress. Saldana like Gutnik, also coaches runway at the Talent Shop with me. This dress portrays the message of, "Wicked." Along with the amazing hair and make up thanks to MaiNza Lor, sends the title of the overall look as, "The Mother of All Evil." Black signifies the blankness and darkness of the only expression of sinister, but with a little glamorous style of the added lace and sequins puts the fierce on this girl. I used black sassy silk to make the under dress and top and lay the sequins over it. The sleeves come in separately with the dress itself. I added in the puffy shoulder that falls off to the side to give that fairy tale look to it. It becomes modernized from the high-low dress, but with the added sleeves it gives the twist of fairy tale to her. This dress drags down with a train, but not as long as the red dress.

            Lastly, I want to not only give a huge thank you to my two fabulous models, but also to my fashion photographer, Jeremy Chaimontree and Make Up Artist/ Hair Stylist, MaiNza Lor. Without these two, I do not know how I would have completed my look. Jeremy has been doing fashion photography for a little over two years now and he is this fabulous at his passion. MaiNza has been doing make up and hair for a while now as well. I give props to the two of them for their work. We decided to shoot on the site of Woodward's Park, downhill where people would normally jog or walk their dogs, cats, tigers, lions, ligers, bears, pandas, etc. Finding the environment and setting for photoshoots are not as easy as you would think, because it must match the theme of your designs. I personally wanted something dark and very shadowy. This would have been a destroyed bricked building on an open dark land, or a dark beautiful forest like the one from Snow White and the Huntsman.

Please feel free to get a hold of these models, MUA/ Hair Stylist, and photographer if you feel you would like to use them for any work. Do stop by on Revived Fashion Show's page and help support and spread the word.

Designer: Brandon Yang, https://www.facebook.com/yang93
Models (Top-Bottom): Alyssa Gutnik, https://www.facebook.com/alyssa.gutnik?ref=ts&fref=ts
Photographer: Jeremy Chaimontree, https://www.facebook.com/itsjemyjem?ref=ts&fref=ts

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