DIY Halloween Costumes

Look out this Halloween for "flirty" witches, vampires, angels, cops, firefighters, Cinderella's, Alice's in Wonderland etc. All with short skirts and a variation of the same outfit!  Trust me, they will be everywhere.  Not you though.  You’re dressing different. I have created some DIY costume ideas for the unique mind.  These costumes aren’t just great if you're aiming to be different, they’re also great for your wallet! The best thing about these ideas is that the outfits are made up from pieces you might already have in your closet!  If you don't have some you can simply get them at the thrift store.

For any fashionista out there I thought this one would be fun.  Everybody in the fashion universe knows the lovely designer Betsey Johnson.  Her bright, free, and careless personality is what makes her unique.  Wouldn't it be fun to be her for a day.  And so you can be!  All you need is that awesome Marilyn Monroe t-shirt she always sports. An amazing sparkly, tutu complemented by some metallic leggings.  Get a blonde wig with bangs, comb through it to give it that roughed up look.  Lastly don't forget that red lipstick!

DIY Costume: Betsey Johnson

I know what you guys are thinking.  This costume idea is silly.  But I really love it! If you're an aspiring magazine editor, or simply adore magazines this one's for you.  Anna Wintour is considered one of the most fashion savvy women in the fashion world right now.  I'm sure she knows.  For this costume you don't need much.  Anna is all about keeping it simple.  A great dress, some fo fur, and dark shades will do the trick.  Yes, the bob wig is needed too.  It's her trademark! 

DIY Costume: Anna Wintour

Amelia Earhart has always been a favorite historic figure.  The idea behind such a strong, revolutionary woman fascinated me in the 5th grade.  Her dissapearence has left such impact on the world along with a huge mystery.  A vintage leather jacket, great pair of bottoms, and eye goggles make the perfect combination for her look.
DIY Costume: Amelia Earhart

The mixture of industrialized vintage punk is so innovative.  Steampunk has become sort of an "underground" fashion trend.  Some are not brave enough to wear it.  The steampunk dress consists of corsets, long gloves, awesome skirts, vintage lace up boots, and industrialized trinkets if you will.  Watches are torn inside out for their mechanisms to make steampunk jewelry.  Complicated as this looks it's not.  All you need is to hit the junk yard and see what pieces you come across.
DIY Costume: Steam Punk

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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