Men's Quality Underwear

Men's Quality Underwear

            Like every other women out there, men aren't just wearing the typical Hanes underwear brand, but now they are starting to wear the high brand underwear names such as Calvin Klein, 2(x)ist, and Andrew Christian to name a few. The quality of the fabrics are not just plain old 100% cotton, but not mixed in with filament fibers of spandex, microfiber, nylon, rayon, and polyester. 
          When it comes to wearing the plain old regular 100% cotton boxer brief, you may feel as if the underwear fits comfortable around your thigh and butt, but after a few hours you start to feel the underwear sagging from your butt and it ends up looking like "The Men's Diaper." I am sure this happens to every men wearing his underwear out there. God forbids this will ever happen again. You don't really notice your underwear sagging until you slip your pants off and look at yourself in the mirror. The look on your face goes, "What tha fudge?" This is disturbing and very unattractive not only for you to see, but for others to see as well. Even after you wash your underwear, it will look freshly new and fitted against your skin, but once you start working in them, the body heat generates against your skin starts sagging the underwear. This is where the quality brand underwear fabrics come in.
          Men are as sexy as women, but the power of having that confident not only comes from how you feel, but from what you wear. I do own a couple of 100% Super Soft Cotton in my drawers at home too, but I feel that my most favorite pair of undies would be those consisting of microfiber and spandex cotton. 
         Andrew Christian Vivid Fuse Underwear may just be 100% Super Soft Cotton, but the brand name and the colors attract consumers to its attention. The underwear at first fits just right and tightly comfortable, but towards the end of the day the size just went from a size small to an extra-large. 
             Calvin Klein Underwear sells multiple quality fabrics, but my most favorite pair would be the "Pro Stretch Reflex Hip Brief." This pair of underwear is made of microfiber, which consists of 90% nylon and 10% spandex. Regardless of what time of the day it may be, the fit of this microfiber will grab a hold of your butt leaving it saggy free. 
$24.00 - $26.00


           Not only is microfiber an amazing feel to keep those pair of undies looking slim on you, but 2(x)ist also has some Stretch Cotton brief boxers. Stretch cotton consists of 90% cotton and 10% spandex. Though it may still be cotton to give that soft feel to the skin, spandex gives it the elasticity of keeping the stretch perfect for the fit.

         The use of 100% cotton is the feel of satisfactory, but having fabrics made from stretch or microfiber will give the full satisfactory of fulfilling the fit of every man's body.

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