Tips for Starting in the Fashion Industry

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As you may not know, I am from a small town in California. Fashion dreams are far from reality here, but I have managed to find my way into many fashion activities and networks. I may not be in Los Angeles or New York, but it is important to me that I get as much experience as possible before venturing out. Throughout this year alone, I have been in many fashion related events and I have learned many important lessons. Here, I want to give you advice and tips I have learned throughout my experiences. It may not be all you need to know, but if you are beginning from a small town, this can still be very helpful.


- Although going to a fashion school is not required, there are many advantages such as getting your foot into the door and the fashion industry. (I've not attended any fashion schools)
- Always look your best and well dressed. Show people you are serious about fashion. You never know who you will meet, it may even be a prominent fashion personnel.
- Always keep things professional. The fashion industry is a lot smaller then you think. You never know if you will work with someone you dislike again.
- If there are no internships posted online or available, ask for one. You never know who is looking for help, whether it is a local business, an entrepreneur, or a friend who knows someone that can help you.
- Build your portfolio of your best work, whether you are an aspiring designer, stylist, merchandiser, or fashion artist. Have a hardcopy portfolio and an online blog portfolio. Some employers may ask if you have a blog showcasing your work and aesthetic.
- Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc is an advertising channel of you. These social media sites represent you. Always make sure your posts are appropriate or something you will not be ashamed of if potential employers see it.

Aspiring Fashion Designers:
- Network with fashion stylists. A fashion stylist can get a designer's pieces on the red carpet, photoshoots, or any other fashion events, because they are the ones who dress celebrities.
- If you are beginning to sew, make it work! Be sure your workmanship is professional and take it seriously. You never know who may be interested in buying your clothes or if a fashion stylist requests to use it. You want to be able to send out pieces are you proud of.

Aspiring Fashion Stylists:
- Network with fashion designers. Build their trust, so you can showcase their clothes in fashion events.
- Always be respectful of the designs and pieces you use.
- Network with local boutiques, so you can style their pieces in your lookbook or portfolio.

- NETWORK, NETWORK! I can't stress this enough. It is probably the number one most important advice. Practice your communication skills and an introduction of yourself. Keep every contact you have, you never know when you will need it.

If you have any other fashion advice and tips, comment them below!


Amy Yang

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