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Hello Fashionistas & Fashionistuds!
I am the one and only Brandon Yang. Oh yes, please. No cameras, thank you.
**Cough, cough** 

             This is my second year at the California State University of Fresno and my 3rd semester as a proud member of Fashion Inc. I am a Fashion Merchandise major and hopefully, but probably about to drop my minor in Dance in the next 48 hours. Fresno, Ca is my hometown where I have been literally breathing on earth for the past 19 years and 6 months. Something that everyone should know about me is that I come from a powerful family of leaders. My grandfather was the Yang Clan Leader who led all of the Yangs in the family into America. While holding my grandfather's title and reputation, I have managed to take initiative into stepping out of my shell and getting into my comfort zone. I come from a very theatrical background, which makes me a "Theater Boy" and not just a "Fashionistud." 

            My long term goal is to one day become a costume designer for film/ television for the Entertainment Industry. I will werrk my way up until I can succeed my goal. While living as a poor artist, I am not only living strong as a Full-Time student in school, but I do manage my time to work and make some mullas ($$$) for me as well. I am currently working at Abercrombie at Fashion Fair Mall in Fresno, located on Shaw and First. Abercrombie was my first job at the age of 17. Recently on August 27, 2012 I just turned 2 in Moose years, so Mad Props! Not only am I hired at Abercrombie, but I am also a Runway/Model Coach at the Talent Shop for the Central California Model & Talent Connection (CCMTC). I love my job and it keeps me going and inspiring the younger generation and those around my age to continue onto their dreams and become a star. Not just any star, but one that is the brightest.

           Aside from school and work, I am also a designer. My first collection was featured in Fashion Inc's 2nd Annual Fashion Show on April 28, 2012 in the courtyard of the Smittcamp Alumni House. I will also be participating in this upcoming Fashion Inc's Spring fashion show. As of right now, I am participating in Revived Fashion Show 2 as one of their 11 confirmed designers. I will update y'all soon about my experience and collection when late December and early January hits.

"Be Youthful. Be Yourself. BY: Brandon Yang"

Peace out,


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