Hey Dolls,

A fashion duo has arrived with a big bang! I am speaking about the designers behind the NAHM brand. The brand launched fall 2011 and has left the fashion spectators craving for more. As a spectator with a sweet eye I can say I will be keeping a close eye on these two. Nary Manivong and Alexandria Hilfiger (daughter of Tommy Hilfiger) are the creative duo behind NAHM. Despite the obvious relationship to the Hilfiger last name the brand has created and developed their own aesthetic and is reflective of their own creativity. The collection is focused on women’s shirt dresses with inspiration from men’s shirting combined with feminine accents. My favorite detail of their collections is the collar, it happens to fit beautifully with the garment. It reminds me of Twiggy’s short collared vintage 1960’s dress. All I can say is bravo and I would love to own one piece…or two.

(Designers: Nary Manivong, Alexandria Hilfiger)

Fall/Winter 2011

Spring/Summer 2012

Reyna Cazares



   So I've been searching for the theme to use in my FIDM portfolio. So far what I have in mind is to go back to my fashion root's. The Gothic scene has had an huge influence with who I am today, and with my personal style consisting of dark elements along with a trendy edgy twist. I feel it'll be interesting to experiment with all the possibilities of different trends. Currently my portfoio is a work in progress seeing how I can develop the idea more, because I noticed that what I'm aiming for is pretty populaur in today's culture with cleberties showing off dark fashion.
''Make beautiful thing's dark, and dark thing's beautiful''

(^ Is my slogan) The step that I am thinking of taking is mixing both light (as in colorful) and dark trends. Like faries with bullet belts, or that twisted barbie doll. The top key elements to my designs are must have studds, spikes and strapps but, I'm trying my best to not over do it. Anyway  I think that mixing two style's is a perfect example of duality and personality.  

 To be perfectly honest I'm losing sleep on this portfolio but, it's all going to be worth it. So Fashion Inc, this upcoming semester I would love the helping idea's that you dolls and dudes will have to offer. Glamour hardcore zombie, I guess that's the theme. Lot's of neon color, retro puck rocker and slashing trends that make you drool. That's what I'm going for.


How to start finding an internship

It used to be that getting your college degree was all you needed to get an awesome job after college, but times have changed! Grad programs and and employers are looking for real-world experience. Since it is winter break I though it would be the perfect time to share this with you. Instead of letting our break go to waste lets utilize this time to polish our resumes. Looking for internships can be stressful but I am here to share some amazing programs and websites. There are several questions to take into considerations such as, is it paid?, Are you required to have an internship for your major?, Is it worth it? Don't stop here and do the research by yourself, talk to your advisors. Good luck!

Free Fashion Internships

HACU (This one is paid and you don't have to be Hispanic to apply).

Intern Queen Inc.

Love Natalie


Jason Wu Arrives At Target

Hey Dolls,

Ladylike and sophistication seem remarkably attached to designer Jason Wu’s collection for Target. The collaboration is indefinitely the latest word on the streets of fashion. A large fan base of Jason Wu and Target wait for the release hitting Target stores and online February 5th. Few looks from the anticipated collection have been released to the public. The styles embody a rather feminine, vibrant, and relaxed appeal. As a fan of Mr. Wu’s work I will keep in tune with the launching date and perhaps gather new pieces for my closet! Who can turn down a price range of $20 to $60? Not me!

First look: The campaign for Jason Wu for Target features Milu the cat, who the designer revealed as his muse shortly after the collaboration was announced

Jason Wu for Target   Sneak Peek 2