What's in the bag?

 My bag was purchased at St Hanibal's Thrift 
Store in Sanger,CA for just $7.
From a handbag to a tote, bags are essential to every woman. A bag is where a girl can carry the simplest of items or her entire life. No matter the size or the cost, a bag is every fashionista’s treasured item. 

I'm featuring my personal handbag. Though it may seem small from the outside, it fits a lot of my personal items. I love the hand and look of the weave texture, and the two front pockets let me add a lot more.          

Inside the bag:  My sunglasses help when I’m driving and the sun shines on my eyes; the paper and pen always come in handy for when I come up with new ideas… or to jot down a cute guy’s number;  the little box labeled “Bella Belara”  contains  a solid fragrance; my lipstick, lip gloss, and chapstick ; a pink handkerchief …for the allergy season;  hand sanitizer and hand lotion ; a box containing bandages for emergencies; last and most important my geeky, Hulk wallet.

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