Amanda Michele Parriott

Hey everyone.
So my name is Amanda Michele Parriott,
but of course I just go by my first name Amanda ^-^
I was born in Santa Maria on November 15, 2012;
so yes I am currently 22 years old.
My life up until 5th grade was spent moving around from Bakersfield, Fresno, and Tollhouse.
We moved back to Bakersfield when I was in 5th grade where we lived until my first semester of college at Bakersfield College.

Since then I transfered to Fresno city college where I receive my AA in 2-D art.
Then I transfered to here at Fresno State where I am majoring in fashion merchandising to get my BA.

I didn't really realize what I wanted as a career until my last semester at Fresno City.
Then it just hit me,
why don't I get a career combining the two things I love?
Which happens to be art and fashion.
And I certainly to spend a great deal of time looking at fashion blog, reading magazines, fashion catalogs, and spending a good deal of time trying to put the right look together every morning.
And it would be just because,
I don't need to have a reason to dress fashionable.
My mind is mostly thinking about fashion anyways.

Soo... long story short I decided I am going to become a fashion stylist.
Did some research, and told myself, "You can do this, you were born for this career."
So here I am working my way up the ladder to my someday awesome career as a fashion stylist.

Look forward to posting often on this group blog.

And if you'd like to know more about me you can check me out and contact me at:
Amanda's E-mail Address

 Oh I absolutely must show you guys a Simon's Cat video,
he just makes my day.
I just found out about his Youtube videos a few days ago.
Enjoy ^-^
 This truly is something my own kitty would do.
She loves my attention.

. Amanda .

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