Tips for Starting in the Fashion Industry

Hi Everyone,

As you may not know, I am from a small town in California. Fashion dreams are far from reality here, but I have managed to find my way into many fashion activities and networks. I may not be in Los Angeles or New York, but it is important to me that I get as much experience as possible before venturing out. Throughout this year alone, I have been in many fashion related events and I have learned many important lessons. Here, I want to give you advice and tips I have learned throughout my experiences. It may not be all you need to know, but if you are beginning from a small town, this can still be very helpful.


- Although going to a fashion school is not required, there are many advantages such as getting your foot into the door and the fashion industry. (I've not attended any fashion schools)
- Always look your best and well dressed. Show people you are serious about fashion. You never know who you will meet, it may even be a prominent fashion personnel.
- Always keep things professional. The fashion industry is a lot smaller then you think. You never know if you will work with someone you dislike again.
- If there are no internships posted online or available, ask for one. You never know who is looking for help, whether it is a local business, an entrepreneur, or a friend who knows someone that can help you.
- Build your portfolio of your best work, whether you are an aspiring designer, stylist, merchandiser, or fashion artist. Have a hardcopy portfolio and an online blog portfolio. Some employers may ask if you have a blog showcasing your work and aesthetic.
- Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc is an advertising channel of you. These social media sites represent you. Always make sure your posts are appropriate or something you will not be ashamed of if potential employers see it.

Aspiring Fashion Designers:
- Network with fashion stylists. A fashion stylist can get a designer's pieces on the red carpet, photoshoots, or any other fashion events, because they are the ones who dress celebrities.
- If you are beginning to sew, make it work! Be sure your workmanship is professional and take it seriously. You never know who may be interested in buying your clothes or if a fashion stylist requests to use it. You want to be able to send out pieces are you proud of.

Aspiring Fashion Stylists:
- Network with fashion designers. Build their trust, so you can showcase their clothes in fashion events.
- Always be respectful of the designs and pieces you use.
- Network with local boutiques, so you can style their pieces in your lookbook or portfolio.

- NETWORK, NETWORK! I can't stress this enough. It is probably the number one most important advice. Practice your communication skills and an introduction of yourself. Keep every contact you have, you never know when you will need it.

If you have any other fashion advice and tips, comment them below!


Amy Yang

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Sneak Peek of BY Design for Revived Fashion Show 2

BY Design Teaser Photoshoot

              I am not the greatest designer, neither am I the worse. This would be my second time participating in a fashion show. I was honestly not going to participate in this open opportunity, but then I told myself that I needed more practice with my designs. Revived came along, I gave it a shot and here I am writing about it. 
                These are my two glamorous models, Alyssa Gutnik and Mayra Saldana both modeling my gowns for the Revived Fashion Show. My theme collection is titled as, "The Grimm's Couture." This is an inspiration from the story book, "The Brother's Grimm," and from fantasy fairy tales. I come from a very theatrical background, so my designs aren't just your typical modernized gowns, but with a little dark twist to it as well. Anything that deals with fantasy attracts my full attention to it. My collection was originally going to be inspired from Tim Burton and titled as, "The Burton Couture." I thought maybe not for this fashion show, because my direction went towards the fantasy world, which led into Fairy Tales. To combine my use of Tim Burton's dark and gloomy style into my world of fairy tales, I thought of  "The Brother's Grimm." Some of my designs for the fashion show will be based off of specific characters and some will be the overall atmosphere of "The Brother's Grimm." 

             The lovely, Alyssa Gutnik a.k.a. Taylor Swift, has modeled for numerous fashion shows and print work. Gutnik is also one of my acquaintances who coaches runway with me at the Talent Shop. This girl is as tall as 5'9. Here you see Gutnik wearing a red sassy silk dress with black laced sequins in the front. I wanted her to be the Queen of Hearts, but a slight glamorous version of the evil Queen of Hearts. This dress was an absolute flawless look, with a magical twist to it. This dress is considered as a high-low dress, placing the cut of the dress high and as it drops lower, the dress then drags down. It does have a train dragging from the back to give the look of "Red Carpet." Though you cannot tell where the high-low starts from, I actually made the dress a high-low from her right side. This is a little twist of different style, as opposed to seeing the high-low from the center and down. My audience will be the judge if this style of high-low will survive or not, but it's an experiment to test out.
            Mayra Saldana, the fierce one I call, has been modeling herself for a while as well. Mayra's most recent work was with New York's Family Magazine, modeling a wedding dress. Saldana like Gutnik, also coaches runway at the Talent Shop with me. This dress portrays the message of, "Wicked." Along with the amazing hair and make up thanks to MaiNza Lor, sends the title of the overall look as, "The Mother of All Evil." Black signifies the blankness and darkness of the only expression of sinister, but with a little glamorous style of the added lace and sequins puts the fierce on this girl. I used black sassy silk to make the under dress and top and lay the sequins over it. The sleeves come in separately with the dress itself. I added in the puffy shoulder that falls off to the side to give that fairy tale look to it. It becomes modernized from the high-low dress, but with the added sleeves it gives the twist of fairy tale to her. This dress drags down with a train, but not as long as the red dress.

            Lastly, I want to not only give a huge thank you to my two fabulous models, but also to my fashion photographer, Jeremy Chaimontree and Make Up Artist/ Hair Stylist, MaiNza Lor. Without these two, I do not know how I would have completed my look. Jeremy has been doing fashion photography for a little over two years now and he is this fabulous at his passion. MaiNza has been doing make up and hair for a while now as well. I give props to the two of them for their work. We decided to shoot on the site of Woodward's Park, downhill where people would normally jog or walk their dogs, cats, tigers, lions, ligers, bears, pandas, etc. Finding the environment and setting for photoshoots are not as easy as you would think, because it must match the theme of your designs. I personally wanted something dark and very shadowy. This would have been a destroyed bricked building on an open dark land, or a dark beautiful forest like the one from Snow White and the Huntsman.

Please feel free to get a hold of these models, MUA/ Hair Stylist, and photographer if you feel you would like to use them for any work. Do stop by on Revived Fashion Show's page and help support and spread the word.

Designer: Brandon Yang, https://www.facebook.com/yang93
Models (Top-Bottom): Alyssa Gutnik, https://www.facebook.com/alyssa.gutnik?ref=ts&fref=ts
Photographer: Jeremy Chaimontree, https://www.facebook.com/itsjemyjem?ref=ts&fref=ts


Making Baseball Fashionable

In case you have not heard on the news, Facebook or Twitter, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series.  I am more about the fashion than the sport itself.  And if a girl wants to show her team spirit a basic tee
will not cut it.  If we are going to step into a man's world of sports we definitely need to make sure we look good when doing it.  On the right are some top options that I found on the Giants official site.  They are perfect for those of us who do not want to settle for the basics, we want to take it one step further and make sure that we always look good, especially if we are representing our favorite team.  Ladies, don't forget about the bling to go with your outfit.  A little sparkle and glam never hurts.  Have fun showing off your Giants pride as they celebrate their win.

San Francisco Giants Crystal Logo Necklace by LogoArt®  - MLB.com ShopSan Francisco Giants Crystal Logo Earrings by LogoArt®  - MLB.com ShopDouble Kisses!  XOXO


DIY Halloween Costumes

Still haven't found that amazing Halloween costume?  Don't worry I've got more DIY costumes for you.  Don't hold back, let those creative sparks fly!

I think the Mad Hatter is always a favorite costume for Halloween.  His character in Alice in Wonderland is so outrageous and dramatic.  Anybody would have a fun time trying to recreate his costume.  His costume is known for bright colors such as; orange and purple.  You can't be the Mad Hatter without a huge bow tie and orange wig.

DIY Costume: Mad Hatter
If you want to feel like "The Queen of Rock and Roll" on Halloween then Janis Joplin is a must!  The queen gained her fame in the 1960's, soon becoming a legend.  Lets not forget the mark she left on the fashion world with her unique sense of style.  Joplin's dress in the 60's consisted of red bell bottoms, fur coats, and round shades!  

DIY Costume: Janis Joplin

One of the most inspirational designers, Coco Chanel, had an easy style to recreate.  Coming from a fashion industry view point, Chanel's look is one many wouldn't mind wearing.  For the costume take a simple black dress, a chain of pearls, and a quilted black purse.     Remember that Coco Chanel was always classic.

DIY Costume: Chanel


Happy Haunting

 Halloween is coming back around.
Not totally sure if I'll be dressing up this year.
If so, may create something interesting from my closet and make-up.

For you ladies and gents out there,
hopefully these awesome looks can act as inspiration
for you to create your own Halloween look.
You can can go from complete imagination,
to dressing up as a favorite character,
or just keep it simple by dressing on in some Halloween colors.




Happy haunting everyone ^-^

. Amanda .


Recycling Spring

Fall is here, but that does not mean that you should have to put your spring and summer wardrobe into the back of your closet. The florals and bright colors of the spring can still be enjoyed. These past season clothing can be incorporated into your fall fashion in so many creative ways. Here are some samples: 

With a floral dress you can add a dark colored jacket and some brown or black booties. With floral pants just add dark colored tops and shoes; for floral tops do vice-versa and wear dark pants and dark shoes. Never wear a floral with a floral, unless it is an accessory.

Here Audrey Hepburn is wearing bright orange coat, proving that your fall coats do not have to be a dreary monotone color. Hepburn wears the orange coat over a grey dress, paired with black kitten- heeled shoes.

Here are other bright colored accessories and clothing items that brighten up any fall outfit: Knit sweaters, scarves, and tights.


                “ One must maintain a little bittle of summer, even in the middle of winter.”
                                                                -Henry David Thoreau