Rock Out with Your Socks Out

The weather is finally changing and it's time to retire our dresses and sandals and start thinking of fall fashions.  One of my favorite perks to the cooler weather, is finally bringing out my knee high socks!  I have accumulated a large selection of different socks over time, so at the first chance that I have I will definitely wear them.  I always feel that no matter the outfit that I might be wearing, I can always add a little personality with crazy, colorful socks.  Plus they are very practical since they help to keep my legs warm.  There are so many options that there is a pair for every personality. 
Xhilaration® Juniors Zigzag Knee High Socks - Assorted Colors
Colorful Fun
Target $2.50
Black And White Cushioned Knee-High Crew Socks Sku 274093
Classic Black Gym Sock
Hot Topic $6.99

Hello Kitty Heart Varsity Stripe Knee-High Socks Sku 179327
I Love HK
Hot Topic $6.50
Don't be afraid to rock out with your socks out!!!  Have fun with them and stay warm!
Double Kisses! XOXO

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