Hello Everyone, My name is Veronica and I'm proud to say that I transfered from Fresno City College in Fall 2010. I am currently majoring in Criminology: Forensic Behavioral Sciences and expecting to graduate in Spring 2014. YaY! I also have a minor in Psychology and I'm trying to complete the Cultural Competency Certificate along with the Victim Services Certificate. My plans for the future is to graduate and apply to graduate schools. I'm not sure what graduate program I'm going to go into but, Forensic Psychology, Clinical Psychology or Criminology are my options. I aspire to one day be working with the FBI and be able to profile serial killers, psychopaths, etc. I am very grateful to be coming to college because I want to be a role model for my younger siblings and Latina girls and women that they can too go to college. In order to be successful in life one needs to have the DEDICATION, PATIENCE, LOVE, COMMITMENT, AND MOTIVATION to thrive in our careers......

Although I'm not a Fashion Merchandising major, I decided to join Fashion Inc. because I wanted to keep up with the new trends and styles. Although I come to school dressed casual and simple, I love to put on make-up, high heels, dresses, skirts, etc. when I go out to the clubs, a party, or to go eat. I love fashion and clothes just as many as you do. I'm definitely looking forward to the Fall 2012 semester with Fashion Inc. and be able to learn new and exciting information from all of you. :)

                                   "IF YOU ARE CONFIDENT, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL"

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