Best Six Outerwear Tops!

You are running late to your 8 A.M class, and as you walk out the door a slight cool breeze meets your skin.  As you drive by Starbucks, you notice the long wait of cars for the drive-through.  Those simple but yet obvious signs that Fall is finally here.  Don't we all LOVE the weather change from hot to cold! But hate that awkward moment without a warm jacket, because you thought it would be hot and are still wearing short-shorts.  Not to worry because I've got you covered!  Here are the six best classic outerwear tops, for this Fall and the next! 

army green

(Green jacket; BDG Surplus Parka $159.00 Urban Outfitters)
faux fur
(Faux Fur Coat; MINKPINK Cruella Faux $190.00 Urban Outfitters)
Untitled #87
(Denim Shirt; Western Denim Shirt $19.80 Forever21)
Untitled #88
(Leather Jacket; Lonline Leather Biker Jacket By Boutique $370.00 Topshop)
Untitled #89
(Scalloped Coat; Scalloped Hem Lace Coat $160.00 Topshop)
Untitled #90
(Blazer; Tipped Hacking Jacket in Double-Serge Wool $298.00 J Crew)

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