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Hi Everyone,

This past weekend, I had a teaser photo shoot to promote the REVIVED 2 Fashion Show on Dec. 30th, 2012 in Fresno, CA. My designs and collection for this fashion show is red carpet inspired and a lot of glam.  I was also inspired by all the beautiful dresses and gowns while shopping with my sister for her wedding. I was excited to start this collection to challenge myself and do something I have never done before. I hope everyone loves the photos. Please visit REVIVED and learn a little more about them. The links are below.


Amy Yang

Model: Nancy Yang
Photographer: Jeremy Chaimontree
Make up/Hair stylist: MaiZna Lor
Designer: Amy Yang 


A special thank you to my model, Nancy Yang, Photographer, Jeremy Chaimontree, and Make up/Hair Stylist, MaiNza Lor.

Contact Information: 
Make up/Hair Stylist: http://www.facebook.com/mainza.lor

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