Wardrobe-Dresser Experience

Go beyond the door of sketching and sewing garments.  Take some time to volunteer for events that interest you and get hands on experiences.  Doesn't matter if you want to be a designer, visual merchandiser, buyer, stylist, etc., every experiences count and you never know, you might discover something about yourself that you haven’t already.
Member of Fashion.Inc:  Nancy Hang (me) & Brandon Yang
(3 of Brandon's designs were show case in the fashion show)
I was fortunate to volunteer as a wardrobe-dresser for the Central California Family First Launch Party hosted at The Standard on January 29, 2013.  It was my first time as a wardrobe-dresser but I discovered that I enjoyed it a lot.  My duties was to make sure the model get the outfit that she was assigned to, assisted in dressing the model, make sure she was ready for her turn on the runway, collect the garments after the show, and return them.  One thing I found challenging as a wardrobe-dresser was when I put the dress on my model and the zipper wouldn't zip up.  But thankfully there was an extra dress.  Even when facing with situation like this, one thing I discovered about myself is that I like to feel the excitement and energy when the model rush to the changing room and I have to assist them into their garment for the next round.  I feel proud of myself when I see the model walking down the runway with the garment in place. 

So remember, the more experiences you have, the more you’ll discover about yourself and might get inspire to do something that you haven’t thought of it.  The fashion world is a broad industry so don’t limit yourself to one thing.  

My model:  Kaley

Wardrobe-Dresser Team:
Tori, Apneet, Nancy (me), Yolai
Gao (far right) is the activity coordinator for the event

The models


The Polyvore Designer Collective

If you haven't heard of Polyvore.com, it is a popular fashion website where you can create collages or "sets" with fashion items.   There are thousands of users registered, and the website has over 22 million unique visitors monthly. 

Today, Polyvore has unveiled their new program, called the Polyvore Designer Collective: "a new program that supports talented emerging designers and helps introduce their work to the Polyvore community."

What a great way to give back to the fashion community!

Currently there are four designers, but this number is surely to grow over time.
Here are two sets inspired by the Polyvore Designer Collective:

The Polyvore Designer Collective

The Polyvore Designer Collective: DANNIJO

 <3 Vani


Looks Of The Week

Red Licorice Legs
thrifted sweater: Chico's D.E.S.I.G.N/ high-waist jeans: Silence + Noise

My legs look like red licorice.
Mm I love to use them as a straw in my Fanta sodas.
Can never grow out of something as awesome and candy straws.
More on Red Licorice Legs here.

Burrowed In The Branches
sweater: Roxy/ top: Free People/ skinny jeans: BDG

Wearing cool colors of the temperatures
in items that I feel completely comfortable in.

More on Burrowed In The Branches here.

My Witchy Neon Socks
long sleeve top: Kirra/ skirt: Forever 21/ sweater tights: Target/ booties: Antia

My mom bought me these crazy neon striped socks
well in San Francisco for me.
I had the hardest time trying to figure out what to wear these with
but ta-da I created a look :D

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Flower Girl? School Girl?
flower crown: Claire's/ school boy sweater: Merona/ lace maxi skirt: Forever 21
knee high socks: Target/ booties: Antia

Flower girl, because of my flower crown and skirt?
School girl, because of my school boy sweater and knee highs?
Nope just good ol' Amanda ^-^
Smile darlings.
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Dressy Tribal
skinny jeans: Billabong

Back from a night out with the girls.
Thought I'd spruce things up a bit with a collared shirt.
And then added some tribal necklaces to bring it back to more of my style.

The orange one is a Native American spirit necklace
to keep bad spirits away from the wearer.
The other one has some awesome lithographs on it,
but I do not know what culture.
It makes me think of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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Trend - Above the knuckle rings

Above the knuckle and nail rings are a nice little trend seen online right now.  

This trend is something fun and different, simplistic and unique
 They do seem hipster, but hipster is definitely what is in

You can find them online, like on this webstore at etsy



Inspired While Shopping

Was inspired by many items in Love Culture.
Was walking by their store and was like
"Wait these are exactly the items I was looking for!"

My dream for the spring fashion show
is to have the five girls each in thin, flowy layers
pastels, lace, some jean material
and a bit of leather.
I'm going for a girly, earthy look.
Each will have their hair down with a crown of flowers atop their heads.
Was also inspired by some of these accessories in Forever 21.
Like the tiny touch of tough in the spiky bracelets
and the sweetness in pastel colored lace tights.
So excited for this spring show.
Think my biggest inspiration to style is Free People.
I love their fashion catalogs.

. Amanda .


Looks Of The Week

Freezing In Sunlight
scarf: Forever 21/ tops: Mossimo/ skinny jeans: Billabong

Oh man it was freezing outside.
After taking theses pics I added on a few more layers
and biked to Target to get a few things.
As you can see I've been having fun with expressions lately.

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Blue Baby
faux fur infinity scarf: My Style Lab/ jean jacket: Lucky Brand
high-waist jeans: Levi's/ booties: Antia

Ya ya ya my face isn't showing
so what huh?!
No worries not sad
just tired face at the moment.
Did bonk my head pretty good though on the dang jeep.
Ha was a bit swollen over my left eye
but all is well cuz it went down already.

More on Blue Baby here.

Wabbit Season!  No Duck Season!
faux fur infinity scarf: My Style Lab/ high-waist jeans: Levi's

Ah bunny ears
gotta love a classic.

More on Wabbit Season!  No Duck Season!  here.

Frozen Layers
pompom beanie: Mossimo Supply Co/ sweater: Chico's D.E.S.I.G.N
long-sleeve top: Mossimo Supply Co/ high-waist jeans: Silence + Noise/ boots: Bass

Dressed in layers, with colors of the freezing temperatures.
Though there are those odd moments of hot sunniness.
So layers definitely come to be a necessity with random changes of temperature.

More on Frozen Layers here.

. Amanda .


Fashion Quotes

 Hi, I'm Vani from ThriftyChicClothing.com and this is my first post on The Fashion Collage.  I will be doing some posts on my loves of all that revolves around fashion.

Here are some lovely fashion quotes that give me inspiration:

All of these quotes revolve around being different, and embracing fashion as how you love it and envision it.  The above quote is  my favorite and it gives me inspiration every day.  It has been my phone lock wallpaper since I first read it.  When I read this, I envision someone like Marilyn Monroe or Coco Chanel having written it.  It gives me inspiration to be myself.  

The above quote reminds me of the true power of fashion.  When people see you, you are immediately judged to a certain degree based on your apparel.  Fashion is your way to be able to portray yourself whatever way you want to.  It is very powerful.  

Being odd and imperfect is okay, not everything has to always be perfect.  Like the mixing prints trend, being different can be interesting and appealing.  

Till next post,

Kiana McCourt From Finch & Fawn Vintage

Lovely vintage elegance.
Awesome vintage shop and blog.
Cool pictures and videos of her awesome life and charming boyfriend.
Introducing Kiana McCourt from Finch & Fawn Vintage everyone ^-^
Her most recent video below.
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(All images from her blog.)