The Halloween Costume Change from Innocent Lady to Provocative Lady

The Halloween Costume Change from Innocent Lady to Provocative Lady

           Halloween as we all may know, is the time of pretending to be and dress as someone that you are not...or might be. **cough, cough** The fun in Halloween is approaching fast. Do you know who you want to be for Halloween? There are so many different options to choose from. Not only is it all about the character that you are portraying, but it is also the costume itself. If we were to think back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Halloween costume for women were all covered and hardly showed that much skin. What happened to the good old days where the innocent costume was in? Let's just say that the world of fashion and society changed the looks a bit. 

             Yes, there are some skin showing, but the legs and cleavage are both showing even more as history passes by. Women want to feel confident and sexy in every way. They can feel this power of beauty everyday when they wake up, but when it comes to Halloween it's a whole new level of sexy and confident. The looks get more provocative as time progresses. To think about it, every year the dress gets shorter and shorter and shorter until there's nothing to wear, but show. Gowns and short dresses are all in the style when it comes to formal, prom, or any other fancy occasion, but Halloween pulls the strings to the level of, "Oh I wanna show some skin!" With fashion evolving, the style of more skin showing is strict on school dress codes. They enforce the use of having a certain length and cover up on the outfit. If schools did not have a dress code, then the next following generations will start to wear almost nothing. As time flies by, the dresses all get higher and higher.
             Ladies aren't always wearing the look to match with their girlfriends, but to also get the attention from guys. Yes, "GUYS!" This generation and the upcoming generation are disobeying the rules and hitting the parties that their parents are somewhat unaware of. Especially in high school and college, the party life heats up by grabbing each others attention.  Their raging teenage hormones are kicking in, therefore; the use of skin showing adds in the attraction. Halloween gives the twist in wearing something that shows a lot of skin and it would still be the same as going to parties and slightly wearing something almost related for some girls. I'm sure it would be the same for guys too. Men these days are trying to stay in shape and give that lean look on their body. Their work of art on those abs, chest, and biceps pay off from showing it off not only at the gym, but also during special events such as Halloween. Ladies, tell me your thoughts on this image...Exactly!
              Corsets are the most commonly used costumes for Halloween. They hold up everything around your body, because of the boning within the corset. Not only because of the boning that helps give the womanly curve, but the tightness of the corset helps give the shape and look too. Think of it as a push-up!

             This is just a little history of the change from innocent lady to provocative lady on the day of Halloween.


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