My Russian Mustache

hat: Albertus Swanepoel/ school boy sweater: Merona/ fingerless gloves: Target
skinny jeans: Billabong/ warm boots: Bass

So was showing my mom the mustache picture
and she was like
"Hey you have a Russian mustache!"
Russian because of the hat
lol gotta love my mom.

I like to switch things up with a sweater from the men's section.
The best thing about being a girl
is that we can get away with guy clothes.

More here.

. Amanda .


Bass Shoes Fall 2012 Behind The Scenes Video

This post is dedicated to a friend
who wanted to know where I got my Bass boots from
as seen in my post here.

I ended up buying my Bass boots at this Bass outlet store
while out of town with Dominic's family.
We were on a camping trip at a beach
and my feet we're freezing the whole time.
Until the next day we went shopping
and oh man were my feet so warm the rest of the camping trip.

This video definitely shows off the companies wide variety of styles.
Below are some of their shoes currently sold at the Bass website.

I would love to add all of these shoes to my shoe collection.
As you all may have noticed from my previous looks
that my shoe collection is currently quite low in stock.

If you're given some money for Christmas
these shoes would definitely be a great buy. 

. Amanda .

Christmas Party Inspiration

A bright red dress is sure to make you the focus of the party.

Shimmer and shine in sequins.
Bold red lips and loose wavy hair adds for a classic touch.

More shimmer and shine on some beautiful party frocks.

An elegant up-do with some large jeweled hair clips will show off your gorgeous neck.

Plaid and lace and everything nice.

Too cold for a party dress?
No worries
you can still look flashy in some gold printed pants.

Be inspired by the snow and gray skies
by dressing head to toe in silver and white.

Or some browns, gray, and orange
inspired by the fallen leaves.

And as proven in this look
a knitted hat and cozy cropped sweater 
can add that element of comfort to an elegant long skirt.

Pearls and ribbon add a touch of class.

Enjoy your Christmas parties!
I know I will ^-^

. Amanda .


Not All Who Wander Are Lost

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This look is actually the un-seen under layers of the previous look.
Felt it needed to be seen as well
 ta da!

I love combining such earth tones
the browns and reds of winter's trees
during this time of the year.

More here.

ThreadSence Winter 2012 Lookbook

Love the braid over the front of her head in the 1st scene.
Want to try that hair style someday.

The shiny, silver look
with the ballons for a hoiliday party.
(Shiny and metal items are very popular this year for holiday parties.)

Want that long furry coat on the roof top.
Perfect just to toss on and keep warm all winter long.
Yet gives that look of elegance.

You can view the pages of the lookbook here.

Always happy with the ThreadSence style.

What do you love of their winter collection?

. Amanda .


Catching Up

This is my most recent look to post on lookbook.nu
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Trying to catch up on some looks I have yet to post on lookbook.
Planning on adding many more looks.

Realized I could really use a digital camera
with good quality and a timer
And a camera stand.
All would be awesome if they were easily portable in my backpack.
Definitely something to save for in the future.
Been really interested in Nikon cameras
because of those awesome commercials with Ashton Kutcher.

Here's a sneak peak of the next look I'll post on here.

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. Amanda .

Knotty Belt

Great way to move a hip belt to the waist,
or for a belt that's too long.
I actually used the first knot style on my belt
just a few days ago
before even watching this video.
And it honestly looked very cute.

. Amanda .


Busy December

Been away the blog lately,
here are a few beautiful paintings by Audrey Kawasaki;
absolutely crazy about her artworks.

By the way, happy first day of December.
It's definitely crazy time of the year.
College finals, and Christmas shopping.
At least that's what I've been busy with.

This isn't the only thing that's been on my mind lately,
I will also be a stylist for Fashion Inc's spring fashion show
and just found that the theme is: Once Upon a Spring.
I will be styling 5 to 10 models which I will pick myself,
buy all the items they will be wearing,
doing their hair and make-up,
and picking out the music for their runway walk.
It sounds so overwhelming, but I know I can do it;
Already have so many ideas running through my head.
Well back to school work, busy, busy. 

Continued here. 

. Amanda .


Keep Cozy...

It isn't always easy to keep warm and still look stylish at the same time.  This takes me back to the 5th grade when mom bought me that huge marshmallow jacket!  I think we've all been through one of those.  And if I can remember clearly, I hated it.  Sure, I remember perfectly! It may have been cute back then but it doesn't quite do the trick now.  This season it's all about colorful cozy sweaters, that can be layered.  I have been seeing printed sweaters in bright colors and I am in love!

Untitled #99

(Sweaters from Old Navy $25-$33) 

Untitled #100

For that layered look we all love, pair the sweater with a collared shirt.  You can do many variations not only by mixing different colors but pairing it with a unique collar.  It will give your cozy look a completely different perspective!  



Bear-y Nice

Just finished my homework,
which I believe I did amazing on,
and saw this on Facebook.
Isn't it absolutely adorable and silly?
Definitely fits me;
if you know me and my goofy moments you would agree.
Want it so bad.
If you want this lovely bear faux fur coat
you can find it here at OASAP.

Good night everyone ^-^

. Amanda .


Smell The Flowers

I know things have been stressful out there.
Busy bees with school and life just being how it is.
But don't forget to take a little time for yourself
and smell the flowers.
Besides Thanksgiving break is almost here ^-^

 Just one more day.
Back to school work myself.
Ta ta for now.

. Amanda .


2 Ways To Wear A Holiday Dress

So I saw this cool video on Free People's Blog
and felt the need to share it with you guys.
Enjoy ^-^ and good night.