Clothes but what about make-up?

Green Eyes
Step one:
To amp up a green gaze while keeping your makeup subtle, opt for a light, icy green eye shadow. The shade should be lighter than the color of your eyes (this trick makes your peepers look even greener).

Step two
Purple makes green eyes pop. For a bold, bright look, use a shadow brush to dapple a loud purple shadow from lashes to crease, letting the color get sheerer as it nears the brow bone.

Step three

Gorgeous green eyes were made for smoldering shadow. A dusky bronze-hued shadow layered over a glimmering charcoal liner looks outrageously hot with your eye color.

Brown Eyes
Step one:
A brown-eyed girl's best bet for the natural look? Warm, earthy shadows in taupes or cocoas. Sweep them onto your lids to add depth and dimension.

Step two:

Ready to play with some hot-off-the-runway brights? Use a natural bristle shadow brush to swirl an intense blue shadow onto your lids, layering the color densely
at the lashes and fading it as you work up to the brow bone.

Step three:

Nab a sexy, modern twist on the smoky eye: Reach for a soft kohl liner in a shimmery, deep green shade. Dot the liner between your lower lashes, then use your finger to smudge for a rock 'n' roll messy look.

Blue Eyes
Step one:
For a soft, glowy look that will light up your eyes, grab a sheer shadow in a heather hue. Use your finger to pat the shadow all over your lids for a naturally pretty, unfussy effect.

Step two:
Looking to add some wow to your wink? A swipe of shimmery lilac or fuchsia liner brightens baby blues. Trace it along your upper lash line.

Step three:
Going for that sultry smoky effect? Skip the basic blacks -- they're too much for your light-colored eyes. Layering and blending velvety cool-toned plummy shadows intensifies your gaze, sans the bullet-hole-eyed vampire effect.
Step four:
Trade in black liner or mascara for a rich, chocolaty brown -- especially if you've got the fair skin to go with those blue peepers. And if you wear blue shadow, always make sure it's a lighter shade of blue than your eyes.

Hope you all enjoyed these tips!


Rock N Roll


This Spring is all about standing out! Why not achieve this look by adding a little rock-n-roll to your wardrobe. A Vintage shirt paired with a pair of blue jeans (or even colored), with a studded bag, and a pair of Tim Hamilton Black Combat Boots.



Tim Hamilton Black Combat Boots



Love Natalie


The Maxi Dress

Hi Fashion Dolls,

Do you ever get that feeling of wanting to look great without having to do much effort? Is there a wardrobe piece that can make you look wonderful and comfortable at the same time? That one piece that is perfect for spring and summer has always been there but feared by a lot. That piece is called... the maxi dress. I know what you’re thinking, “oh those maxi dresses only look good on one certain body shape.” You’ve probably heard millions of fashion “savvy’s” telling you that a maxi is only for a tall lean figure and I think that is incorrect! Maxi dresses can look great on everybody as long as you pick the right one. If you feel good in something you are wearing then it will look good on you. Just remember that the dress is not wearing you, you are wearing the dress. My point is that you will never know what looks good until you try it! You and only your self should be the judge of what makes you look and feel good.



Tall and Lean

If you are tall and lean you probably do not have much trouble fitting into a maxi. Maxi’s are made extra long because that is their purpose. If you run into a maxi that is not long enough, try staying away from a very high heel. It is rare for a maxi to run short, but if it does wear a flat shoe to save the length. If you run into the problem were the dress is way to short try adding some ruffles at the end. They do not have to match the same material of the dress for it to look nice. Mixing patterns will give it an edgy look and let you get creative.

Different patterns


If you are curvy and you think that a maxi wont serve your curves justice don't be afraid! There are ways to pick and accessorize a maxi to give you the shape you want in all the right places.

A way to accentuate your curves is by wearing a maxi with a contrasting patterns; with the top being one color and the bottom another. Take for example the picture below. These are the perfect dresses for the models because the simple color at the top tones down the shape. The bold pattern at the bottom pulls away at the right moment from the blue or white. A belt was used as an accessory to enforce the contrast even more. This way you are not forgetting about your curves but just giving them a place in your maxi!

maxi dress


I have seen petite girls turn down maxi dresses many times. It is hard finding a maxi dress that does not make you look like you are swimming in a pool of fabric. Trust me I have been there! The truth of the matter is that you will probably never find a maxi dress at a department store that fits you perfectly. More than 99.9 percent of the time you will have to be willing to hem it yourself or take it to go get hemmed. I personally do not have a problem with that! If I like something I don't mind stitching a few spots to make it fit. That is my advice to all you petite shapes out there! Do not get discouraged because you know it will be too long. That problem can be fixed easily!

In the picture below Eva Longoria shows us the perfect way for a petite girl to wear a maxi. She wore heels to take off some of the length of the dress. The print she is wearing also gives volume to her small figure. Eva Longoria is said to be about 5 feet tall and still looks great in this dress.



There are several ways to wear a maxi and accessorize it. You can always dress it up or dress it down and make it more relaxed depending on what you wear with it.

Outfit #1

Girly maxi

Try a jean jacket or chambray material for a more relaxed looked. Chambray is a great alternative if you do not like wearing denim on your shoulders, when that hot weather arrives. This maxi dress has a lot going on already with its bold print so the simple jacket complements it well. If you like wearing a lot of color it's okay! If you match your accessories with the colors on your dress everything pops! The bright orange wedges complete our colorful ensemble!

Outfit #2

Maxi dress

This outfit is designed for a more dressy wear. You could perhaps wear this outfit to a nice dinner at a semi-formal restaurant. It beats the tight clingy dress that we get suffocated in during the summer! This black flowly maxi dress gives you comfort and a classy look. Since the dress is one color and simple in itself it can be paired with some bold shoes, like these cheetah heels! The pink necklace is loud and chunky to stay away from that bland look. Some stud earrings are enough for this necklace. The black clutch gives our outfit a complete an elegant look.

Outfit #3

maxi dress

This outfit is a laid back boho inspired style. The T-shirt maxi dress is super relaxed but interesting. I used a belt to sinch at the waist to provide us with some shape. The heels are not to high and not to low they are perfect for this type of dress. Lastly, to complete that "boho" look I added a fringe purse and some feather earrings.

How they wore it...

Nicole Richie paired her dress with a denim jacket

Here she uses a leather or pleather jacket to give her maxi an edgy look.

Vanessa Hudgens paired a simple belt and some cute sandals with her t-Shirt maxi dress.

I hope these tips inspire you guys to try a maxi dress this season! Get creative and have fun with your wardrobe!



Dark Florals

Who says spring has to always be about pastels and lighter colors? I personally enjoy more of a walk on the dark side myself, while mixing in floral patterns or a few shades of pastels here an there. I put together some outfits to spark ideas on a different take on spring florals by mixing in grungy band tees or edgy accessories to give the floral print a darker and edgier touch.


For this outfit, I mixed a floral tank with a fringe skirt, for a different look. (Fringe is also something that is very hot this season, so definately check it out!) I matched the skirt and the top with a chunky heel to give it an edgier look, and topped it off with a bright blue bag and a skull ring.

Outfit #2

For this outfit, I matched a vintage band tee with some floral shorts. I threw in chunky heels again, and matched it with a pink bag and a green ring for a more playful look and to play up the color palate of this outfit.

Outfit #3
I took the floral dress and matched it with a worn-in jean jacket for a tougher look. Then, I paired it with a studded bag and a skull ring. I threw in the green lace up booties to throw off the outfit and make it a little more random and grungy.


get your sweater on!

Where are Spring? Even though, I'm loving this weather. It's still cold and the breezy winds r still lurking to get us. So grab a light sweater and walk away into the breezy winds.


Finding Unique Items Online

Do you love finding new, unique and original clothing? Can't find them in your city?
Try online shopping! Online shopping can be a great way to find one-of-a-kind pieces
for a look that will have people asking "where'd you get that?" There's nothing better
then feeling like you have a unique piece that you know people everywhere won't be
walking around in locally.

Here are a few of my favorite online stores:

Yes, Ebay! Who would have thought? Ebay offers great hard to find, vintage items that can be relatively cheap if you spend on a budget!

Etsy carries vintage and hand made items! A sure treat when you receive your items in the mail.

Modcloth also offers vintage items, however, there are very few and you must buy them while they're newly added to the website! They offer great must-have's! They also carry similar clothing to Urban Outfitters and frequently I see an item that both stores carry. Be sure compare prices.

Next Direct is a new favorite of mine, it offers a wide range of clothes at relatively decent prices for the style and ships anything you want at just $5!

These are just a few of my favorite shops for finding unique items. For offline treasure hunting, try yard sales. You might think yard sales are all junk, but you can sometimes find great used vintage pieces that someone decided to get rid of. Also, try thrift stores, antique stores, and your local boutiques to find unique items to add to your wardrobe!


Runway Fashion Show

Christian Dior Spring-Summer 2011

I absolutely love his collection! Very fresh look and the models bring

out his style even more. Outfits I would totally wear! But remember if you
can't afford to buy a top designers clothes, you can also go with clothes
that resemble the same style. Or if you are very crafty you can create your
own in inspiration of his collection. Hope you all enjoy! :)


Stay Elegant With A Blazer

The jacket that women blatantly stole from the boys and then wore it better
-Nina Garcia

Who said blazers are just for business meetings? They can be worn at anytime whether it is casual or dressy by giving yourself a classy new look. Blazers are a better option than a jacket because they are more fashionable. These classics are always reinventing themselves and can be incorporated into your wardrobe for any season. If you are looking for something new and fresh then add this garment to your wish list. For this spring why not choose the blazer as something to lust for and add a new item to your closet. It will sure have you looking expensive and polished without having to spend much.

Dress up a Simple Tank




Wear them fashionably to keep warm when wearing a dress


Love Natalie