Keep Cozy...

It isn't always easy to keep warm and still look stylish at the same time.  This takes me back to the 5th grade when mom bought me that huge marshmallow jacket!  I think we've all been through one of those.  And if I can remember clearly, I hated it.  Sure, I remember perfectly! It may have been cute back then but it doesn't quite do the trick now.  This season it's all about colorful cozy sweaters, that can be layered.  I have been seeing printed sweaters in bright colors and I am in love!

Untitled #99

(Sweaters from Old Navy $25-$33) 

Untitled #100

For that layered look we all love, pair the sweater with a collared shirt.  You can do many variations not only by mixing different colors but pairing it with a unique collar.  It will give your cozy look a completely different perspective!  


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  1. Ah ya I like this idea. I've been trying to think of ways to layer and look cute in the winter. Still wearing my summer clothes through winter. Lol my mom was like what you're wearing shorts in the cold?! Happens to layer great with opaque tights and very tall thick socks. Definitely had that horrible puffy jacket bought by my mom, felt like such a dork in it. Oh do you have your own personal blog? I would really like to check it out if you do.