Things That Interest Me

 A painting by Audrey Kawasaki, called "Yuuwaku" allure, oil and graphite on wood.
I just wish my artwork were as awesome as this.
I do love images of beautiful women.

Here's an example of my artwork to give you an idea.
I have a bit of a water color style, but haven't actually learned how to use water colors yet.
Acrylic on canvas.
Been thinking of wanting to learn how to use oil paint someday because it is suppose to be much easier to blend, but so much more drying time between layers.

This is a fox skull that Dominic (my boyfriend) found in the back of our friend's yard when he was doing work for her.
I love this old brown look to it.
Think he ended up getting it to a bleached white.

Natalie Suarez, one of my favorite bloggers.
She is very inspiring in her style and the way she lives.
She's a model, a musician who sings and plays piano and guitar, and she travels the world for her job.
She always has this free spirit about her that I absolutely love.

On a side note,
I honestly keep thinking of going back to having bangs like these.
But then I remember how bummed I was when I wanted them to disappear.
It took forever for them to grow out.

This feathery looking jacket right here.
I want it.
An awesome faux fur coat that can be found here at Naomi and Lavender.
It just give that free bird feel if you know what I mean.

I absolutely love flower crowns.
Been thinking of making my own.
This girl Sharon makes these flower crowns that you can buy at her Etsy shop here.
And you can check out her awesome blog here.

Oh and by the way it was my birthday yesterday.
I turned 23.
I've been asked if I feel older, but honestly no I don't.
I still feel the same, but the number keeps changing.
My interests and style changes, but older nope not at all.

Ta ta for now my lovelies.

. Amanda .

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