Sasha and Malia Obama on Election Night

As you know the presidential election brought different perspectives to the plate. Although we all might have different political views, as fashionistas we can tell great sense of style when we see it. Sasha and Malia are always spotted wearing a fabulous collection of trendy and conservative clothes, they are already perceived as fashion icons on the rise. I'm not going to lie, I wish I had their wardrobe. I have put together some inspired looks from the election night, they were both wearing age-appropriate high-waisted skirts. The looks look effortless but fun to experiment with and get inspired by.
Malia, 14, is wearing a blue high-waisted silk skirt and a black three-quater sleeve shirt, the pink belt adds a pop of color and makes the look more alive. 
Sasha, 11, wore a green A-line skirt, a grey button up sweater and a beautiful black blouse that gathered in a huge bow at the chest. Sasha also wore a pop of color by wearing a colorful beaded necklace. 

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