Dani's Intro

Hey Hey you fashionista's & fashionistos
So, I'm Dani(eil) Cast(ano)
I happen to be the first guy blogger to The Fashion Collage, I can honestly say I'm really excited.
A little about me adcademicly, I attend Fresno State as a first year fresnman. I'm majoring in Fashion merch, I plan to stay another year and transfer to either the Academy of art university in San Fran, or FIDM to study fashion to make my way into the fashion industry. It's gonna be a chanllege but fashion isn't just handed over, it's disipline.
On the personal side, I'm an artist, I paint pictures of my dreams, nightmares, and reality. I see sounds and hear colors. I have a mixture of style from Gothic- Urban- Indie- Punk. I draw inspriration from...........Fantastical creatures, kandi kids, people that love music, fairy tales, deep dark forests, nerdy stuff, dolls, cartoons, angels, the 90's, Japan, anime, funky, bold, colorful, crazy, dramatic, avant Garde, ugly, icy, shiny, different, art, sky, nature, flowers, celebs, religion and many many many more things.....
I love boots. I design to music, I design to coffee. I design in a wide range of diversity. looking through Vouge magazine.
Anyway, my contributing to the blog will consist of crazy bazzar fashions sported by our loved Celebs, designs that I've worked on in sketch form, things/themes of inspriation, Guy fashions and whatever comes to mind. Art is a parasite that lives within me, Fashion are sores that life has given me. In Fashion do I trust.
-Please Enjoy, Dani Castano

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