Boot's and boy's

      Boots and boy's, And no I don't mean a girl's typical fetish. I'm talking us boy's and our boots,  today men are starting to care what they wear, how we present ourselves.  Boots are on my ''must have list'' when it comes to this time of the year though I'm a boot all year round guy, gives me an excuse to stock up. So here are some awesome brands that us guys invest in. Steve Madden is my man when it come's to boots, Dior homme, lets not leave out Aldo's and Men21's department. Ankle boots, combant boots and casual boots talk about a variety.  when it comes fashion, there always seem to be a limit for guys for as far they could go, but thanks to the growing popularity of fashion, guys have taken it upon themselves to boost up their game.

Boots bring edge and mystery to a mans style, they give that ''So what I'm a rockstar'' look which I totally dig. So girls, if you have your man and you wanna give him a nice gift for the holidays coming up soon, get him a pair of boots. Trust me they won't just look good on him but definitly they'll complement you as well. So boy's you hear me, go get a pair of boots, and ladies will be chasing you, well not really. But hey remember looking cool is always a added bonus.                                 

Dani Cast

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