Hollywood Vintage

It is inevitable to not think about the timeless beauty of the women of the Hollywood vintage time era. A time perhaps most of us would want an escape to. Movie stars like Marilyn Monroe occupied the big screen with their dainty and innocent presence. Glitter, chiffon, and lace fabrics would transcend over their hourglass figures, leaving all the men speechless. Every woman had the right to feel glamorous, dainty, and fabulous. I sometimes feel as though that fabulous glamour has escaped some of us in the busy life of today. The ladies of today do not get as much extra spare time to get dolled up. If you are anything like me (which I am sure many are) you are going to college and working a part-time job. On weekend nights I spend them mostly working at the cinema, looking effortlessly chic in an all plain black uniform. My uniform consists of a black polo shirt, black dress pants, and black shoes sadly, no hints of glitter or sparkle anywhere. I find myself more than often being overdressed to go run simple errands. I will be the girl wearing red lipstick, in a light weight cheetah button up, with a vintage peter pan collar necklace, at the checkout line in Wal Mart. I tend to look slightly over done standing next to the girl wearing the Mickey Mouse pajamas (you guys know who I am talking about). I thought about ways to bring that glamour back into our busy lives somehow. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of spark and creativity to step back in time. Why not wear shiny gold blouses, with sheer fabrics, and beaded tops during daylight? And suddenly, I thought to myself, that is it! So with this, I invite you to escape with me into our vintage Hollywood fantasy and maybe pick up some ideas on the way for yourself. I know there is a Marilyn Monroe or perhaps an Audrey Hepburn in all of us dying to come out! 


Creative Director: Reyna Cazares
Creative Assistant: Marcos Contreras
Photographer: Shaïna Ligondé
Model: Brianna Marie
Make-up: Brianna Marie
Wardrobe Stylist: Reyna Cazares

Post By: Reyna

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