A Designers Vision

Since the weekend has past, the stress has been lifted off the shoulders of our talented designers & stylist. Needless to say that the Hollywood Vintage Fashion Show was a true success. From all the crucial months of planning for this big day, it is now time to start planning for next spring!

Through this post I would like to take the time to reflect on my own personal experience of becoming a first time designer and stylist for Fashion Inc.'s "Hollywood Vintage" Fashion Show. I would like to open up about my vision for my collection and the many struggles I had to overcome in order to make my creativity a successful one.

For my collection, I was inspired by 80's & 90's fashion. From customized high waisted shorts, gold jewelry, studs, and combat boots, I strived to accomplish my vision of "Revival of Originality".
In order to set my collection different for other designers is the fact that all my pieces are reconstructed vintage. I had taken vintage clothing and customized it to my own liking. From added zippers, studs, prints, buttons, or just simply resizing, my pieces are considered one of a kind. [Most of my looks were sketched prior to construction.]
My collection was all vintage based. All my pieces were carefully selected at local thrift stores.
Just some of my pieces: {Ombre wash, Howdy Cowgirl print, & Rose Buds}

My creation of Galaxy Shorts.
[My 80's inspired outfit: Vintage Leopard Jacket, Gold Necklace, Black fitted dress, Nude Litas.]

This experience has taught me countless lessons in becoming a designer and stylist. From the very first instant of visualizing my creativity, the transformation of making it a reality was very tricky. I went through many ideas and themes I wanted to touch base on through my collection, but ultimately my own personal style took over. I spent countless hours at local thrift stores searching for the perfect pieces and sketched many looks on the pages of my college notebook. I had the support of my mom who encouraged me everyday to give it my all for this show and allowed me to transform our house into a designers studio. If it wasn't for my friends who took the time to become one of my models, I wouldn't be able to share my hard work for this show. I would like to thank my family and friends for all the support they have given me in order to strive for my dream.

My models. My collection. My vision.
Its the Revival of Originality,

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  1. Olá!
    Adorei todos os shorts ficaram lindos!
    Parabéns pelo blog.