Designer Sneak Peek!

Hello fellow fashionistas,

I know the blog has been out for quite some time for which I do apologize! Fashion INC. has been incredibly busy this semester planning their Hollywood Vintage Fashion Show! We all know how it gets when you want to be at 20 places at once but unfortunately you just can't. As a college student I know how hectic it can get and has been. But we should always find time to do what we love and enjoy! Therefore, I thought I would give our readers a little sneak peek on my line for the show, in which I will be designing/styling for. This means I will create some pieces from scratch mixed with items that are already created.

Designing a line has been more work than I originally thought (and I'm only doing 7 looks!) but a lot of fun. Designing clothes has been something that I have wanted to try for a while but with the lack of sewing skills, I always seem to get discouraged. However, this year I have found my self trying new things without holding back. That is the way it should be, you should never hold back because of fear. You will find yourself regretting the things you could have done.
My inspiration for my looks comes from several things. I find my fashion aesthetic to constantly change but one thing that has remained the same is its daintiness. With this look I want to incorporate a girly, edgy, sexy, Hollywood vintage feel to the clothing. I took a few snapshots of some of the things I have been working with. I hope you enjoy!


Spring Fabrics.

Pretty Buttons.

Inspiration pictures.

I LOVE floral prints!

High waist-ed denim shorts.


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