Statement Coats to Arrive Fashionably

Time to think about fall/winter wardrobes fashionistas!

When fall arrived about a month ago I was ecstatic. We could start wearing sweaters, coats, jeans and closed shoes without feeling like your body is cooking in the scorching temperature outside. Granted the weather is still fairly warm but it will soon get cooler outside. I love the idea of having a statement piece. What is better than statement coats including a wool coat, trench coat, and cardigan to end this year fashionably.

You're at a restaurant waiting to be seated when a couple arrives and the woman is wearing an amazing coat! You don't know if they dress or outfit under it is amazing as well but the way woman look with statement jackets just takes everyones breath away. It screams sophistication! This girls, is the power of an amazing coat!

Let's start with a classic trench coat. This is a must have by every woman out there. It's a classic piece that can always be used as a statement coat, some celebrities even use it as there whole outfit! This is a Banana Republic trench coat, the fitting, material, style is rich and a guarantee to have you noticed.
Leighton Meester from Gossip girl shows that even if it's raining, a girl can still be fashionable. This is the main purpose of a trench coat, it's perfect for the rain! Don't let the weather scare you.

A classic coat has also come to be known as a well fitting wool coat. Many of us have seen these everywhere, LITERALLY! They sell wool coats from Target, to Forever21, to Macys, and Nordstrom. This coat is a Victorias Secret A-Line Wool Coat.

Keeping up with Leighton Meester examples, here she is again showing how a coat can make a statement in it's own. I myself have done this with the Victorias Secret coat shown above. I like Leighton Meester wore the red coat on top of a black dress. This instantly shows you care about what you are wearing. You are putting time into your outfits, which might come naturally but others might think it took us a long time.

Cardigans are wonderful for fall. They are perfect for those days were it's just a bit chilly but a coat would be too much. This piece I completely melted when I saw it on display at White House Black Market a couple of weeks ago. I tried to ignore my extreme feeling that I "HAD TO HAVE IT", but after a week I just gave up and had to purchase it. The texture is amazing, the stripes are the perfect width. It is sinched in the back for it to be closer to your back than a regular cardigan. The stripes and fact that it's black and white screams timeless.

Being that this is a new sweater I couldn't find a celebrity to show you wearing it. When I saw it I thought it was a total Gwen Stefani cardigan. I was only able to find this other model with her in a full outfit from head to toe. Definitely recommend to wear heels.

It might be intimidating when trying to purchase a coat. Quality should always be considered since quality will last you more than having saved a couple bucks for something of less quality. These will remain in your wardrobe forever if you purchase the correct ones. Statement coats should always be considered as an investment piece. I personally own all three examples and know they are perfect for various occasions, including work. So come on girls, it's time for us to show men how cold weather won't stop us from making them turn their head to see us walking past them.

Au Revoir fashion addicts,


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