Happy 5 de Mayo!

¡Hola muñecas y muñecos!

Just using my Mexican Spanish in greeting you guys! Today is 5 de Mayo! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for some 5 de Mayo fashion. As a Latina I feel it is my duty to bring my some of my culture into the blog and this is the perfect day for it. Before we begin though, I’d like to fill you guys in the meaning behind 5 de Mayo. Don’t worry I’m not going to give you a history lesson, but I feel it is important to know the meaning behind things. People often use this day for irrelevant celebrations. Now I know us fashionistas like being educated right? Right!

The significance of 5 de Mayo

In a very short answer May 5, 1862 was the day a battle took place known as La Batalla de Puebla. Emperor of France Napoleoan III went to Puebla, Mexico with his army of about 8,000 whom had not been defeated in 50 years. The Mexican army was outnumbered by half with only 4,000 soldiers, but ended up in victory by defeating the French army. That is why 5 de Mayo became of such pride for the Mexican people.
Okay now that we have gotten that cleared up, lets get on to the fashion part!

When I think of this holiday I always think of color and beautiful patterns. One particular piece that is often seen on this day and happens to be my favorite is a dress. It’s not just any dress though, this dress is very light weight and carry’s intricate colorful embroidery. If you are a Latina you can probably find one of these in your abuelitas closet. For some it might seem kind of a silly and not really wearable piece, but I love it! I think fashion is all about color and having fun so why not try something new? I’m talking about the Mexican Peasant Dress also known as Boho Dress, Puebla Dress, and Mexican Folk Dress.

Mexican Peasant Dress

Lovely Embroidered Mexican Dress in White/Multi 2XL

I know this is a difficult piece to find at a regular store so try e-bay!

Now don’t think I have forgotten about our guy readers out there! One specific piece that I personally like to see on guys is a guayabera. A guayabera is a light weight, button up, relaxed shirt for men. I think this is definitely wearable on an everyday basis. It feels really laid back but has a very dressy look to it that I like. I advice to throw on a fedora hat and you’re good to go!


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The Modern Twist
to this style!

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I hope this post gives you guys some inspiration to try out new fashion pieces even if they are not customary within your culture!


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