♥Celebrity Style: Vanessa Hudgens♥

Hey Dolls,

Today we will be featuring one of my favorite style icons at the moment! I would call Vanessa Hudgen’s Style, laid back boho. Her outfits can be girly and tomboyish at the same time. I have to admit that this type of style is one that I often find myself wearing to school, because it is so comfortable! I don’t feel like wearing something dressy every day, especially when there is not a lot of time in the morning. I like that she incorporates graphic tees and over size sweaters into her wardrobe. She makes her outfits by wearing edgy boots. I took some time to look up pictures of her most lovely outfits. Enjoy!

Outfit #1


♥I love the graphic tee combined with ripped jeans in this outfit! It is such a relaxed look but fun!♥

Outfit #2


♥Over sized sweater!♥

Outfit #3


♥Off the shoulder shirt♥

Outfit #4


♥Flowy Dress, for a more dressy feeling day♥


28.Celeb Style:VANESSA HUDGENS.cardi-chic

191.Celeb Style:Vanessa Hudgens


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