Fab Find!

My fab find for this post is this ruffled tube top from Forever 21 for only $8.50! What a steal!! For only $8.50, it's quite the deal, considering that you could pair it up with so many different choices, dress it up or down. I've put together a few outfits for you to get some ideas flowin' in your heads!

So perfect for a casual summer date. This outfit projects class and sexiness, but still keeping it casual and comfortable. I mainly stayed true to the nude color palette with this outfit, and added outrageous feather dangly earrings, which looks great with tube tops since it elongates your neck and draws attention up to your face.

This would be a great outfit to walk by the beach with. You look casual and cute, with a comfortable flowy skirt and a floppy hat to shade your face from the sunlight. When it's time to hit the sandy beaches, take off your wedges and carry 'em!

This outfit is wearable anywhere! I added a pop of color with a light orange belt for a fun effect, and I paired the top with a pair of flared high waisted jeans.

Remember, you don't have to break your bank to look cute :)

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