Fashionable Books: Interested in Designing?

If you're anything like me, you love books. You go in your local bookstore, run to the fashion section, and grab something with a fashionable cover. You find yourself flipping through the pages of a book on Chanel's designs or through a Vogue magazine for a new trend to look for on your next shopping trip.
Lets face it, there are so many fashion books out there that sometimes there are "bad" ones. When you're shopping online you don't exactly know which are the "good" ones because you can't flip through the pages online.

Here's a good book if you're interested in fashion design but have never known where to start, or maybe you already design but would love inspiration for new projects this is the book for you!

I originally bought it because I wanted several projects to keep improving my skills. But I have found this book to be great for all levels of fashion designers even if you're completely new to designing.

The book starts out by teaching you about tools designers use with pictures and descriptions. It also teaches you how to pick out a sketchbook and research fashion via color, shapes, patterns, etc. It teaches you the basics about drawing fashion figures and fashion figure faces, as well as drawing with many different medias. Later in the book it even teaches you the basics of sewing to get you started in the process of bringing your designs to life. Lastly, the book teaches you about promotion with styling, photography in presenting your work, and creating an impressive portfolio.

I have come to really love this book for its ability to inspire me to try out new things. If you are the least bit interested in fashion design, I highly recommend this book as a starting point to your fashion designing adventure!

You can buy it at half.com for less than $10!


  1. AWESOME Heather!!! This is really helpful ^-^ Nice Job