Clothes but what about make-up?

Green Eyes
Step one:
To amp up a green gaze while keeping your makeup subtle, opt for a light, icy green eye shadow. The shade should be lighter than the color of your eyes (this trick makes your peepers look even greener).

Step two
Purple makes green eyes pop. For a bold, bright look, use a shadow brush to dapple a loud purple shadow from lashes to crease, letting the color get sheerer as it nears the brow bone.

Step three

Gorgeous green eyes were made for smoldering shadow. A dusky bronze-hued shadow layered over a glimmering charcoal liner looks outrageously hot with your eye color.

Brown Eyes
Step one:
A brown-eyed girl's best bet for the natural look? Warm, earthy shadows in taupes or cocoas. Sweep them onto your lids to add depth and dimension.

Step two:

Ready to play with some hot-off-the-runway brights? Use a natural bristle shadow brush to swirl an intense blue shadow onto your lids, layering the color densely
at the lashes and fading it as you work up to the brow bone.

Step three:

Nab a sexy, modern twist on the smoky eye: Reach for a soft kohl liner in a shimmery, deep green shade. Dot the liner between your lower lashes, then use your finger to smudge for a rock 'n' roll messy look.

Blue Eyes
Step one:
For a soft, glowy look that will light up your eyes, grab a sheer shadow in a heather hue. Use your finger to pat the shadow all over your lids for a naturally pretty, unfussy effect.

Step two:
Looking to add some wow to your wink? A swipe of shimmery lilac or fuchsia liner brightens baby blues. Trace it along your upper lash line.

Step three:
Going for that sultry smoky effect? Skip the basic blacks -- they're too much for your light-colored eyes. Layering and blending velvety cool-toned plummy shadows intensifies your gaze, sans the bullet-hole-eyed vampire effect.
Step four:
Trade in black liner or mascara for a rich, chocolaty brown -- especially if you've got the fair skin to go with those blue peepers. And if you wear blue shadow, always make sure it's a lighter shade of blue than your eyes.

Hope you all enjoyed these tips!

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