Fashion starts here.

This blog is brought to you by the members of Fashion Inc. Fashion Inc. is Fresno State University’s fashion merchandising club. In spring of 2010 the club was reactivated. Our mission is to support, promote, and grow the Fashion Merchandising program at California State University Fresno. We offer hands on experience through design and business activities and events, networking with professionals in the fashion industry, internships, field trips, guest speakers, and more. Fashion Inc. is open to all Fresno State students, regardless of major. We try to fulfill the needs and interests of our members each semester. It’s a place for those that have a love of fashion in some shape or form.

Our first semester, after reactivation, we were able to have the designer Thai Nguyen, from Bravo’s TV show Launch My Line as a guest speaker. For fall of 2010, we incorporated more hands on design activities: jewelry making, knitting, and screen printing. Each semester we grow and become more established in what are to become Fashion Inc. traditions; such as, member charm bracelets, club shirts for the semester, and the potluck with a game of Fashion Jeopardy.

Fashion Inc. looks forward to many more semesters full of fabulous fashion. This blog is our chance to connect with everyone else in the world that enjoys fashion like we do. We have fashion in our hearts and we hope you’ll follow with us as we explore the world of fashion.

Meet the writers of the blog:

“Hey Dolls, I am very excited in my participation this semester in The Fashion Inc. Blog! I finally have a place to vent and let flow all of my ideas that have been building up for years! I’ve always had a sweet tooth for fashion; although it might sound cliché, I have had it in me probably since birth. At three years old I asked my Dad to paint my plain black shoes gold. What can I say? I like to stand out. My personal style does not necessarily consist of a certain theme. I love variety. I dress accordingly to the way I feel a certain day or given occasion. I like anything from boho chic to classy pin up. Yup, very different styles and I love them both! I keep up with trends because I think they are fun.To me, fashion is about letting your inner self get creative! To some extent I believe what you wear lets you express the colors of your soul. With that said I will do my best to keep you guys informed in the latest trends and Fashion Inc.!”

“Hi fellow fashion lovers! I’m Heather and vice president of Fashion Inc. I have always loved fashion. I remember first loving fashion when I decided Barbie didn't have enough clothes. I used a needle and thread on Ken’s clothes to make new styles for Barbie. I have to admit, eventually Ken only had one outfit. I continued this love of fashion through drawing, when I started designing clothes for the anime characters in my sketchbook. I found this to be my favorite thing to do and I would spend hours of my childhood designing clothes. I eventually learned to sew and here I am a fashion student at Fresno State University hoping to open up my own business one day. So that’s it about me and I can’t wait to talk fashion with you. I hope you’ll come to fave us as your top source for fashion news with a collage of different fashion updates!"

Hello, my name is Marisol Hernandez. Im a very athletic girl and I can be a girly girl if I want to. My major is Graphic Design but I also love to take pictures like model status. Im addicted to Americas Next Top Model. I love Tyra because she truly has my meaning of beauty because I do not believe in the word ugly; everyone is beautiful in their own way. Im also a very caring person and Im a good listener. Love to meet new people and I talk if I am spoken to or if I feel brave enough Ill start a conversation lol. Im also a creative person and a curious person. Thats all I have for now peace and love.”

“Hi Sweet Fashion lovers, I'm Catherine. I love fashion for what it is...crazy, fun, and fantasy. So here's a little insight of who I am; My favorite guilty pleasure is reading and devouring fashion magazines, I love flipping thru the pages of Vogue, Vivi, Nippon Vogue, and Glamourous. If I have to describe my personal style, i have one word...unrestricted. I love all styles but my favorite look on me is definitely a white t-shirt, and jeans BUT with heels and of course a LEATHER JACKET. It's simple but tough at the same time.“



  1. hi were looking for fashion desighners is fresno who want to be part of our upcoming fashion show please contact me asap since our show I on December 28th 2013