Looks Of The Week

Freezing In Sunlight
scarf: Forever 21/ tops: Mossimo/ skinny jeans: Billabong

Oh man it was freezing outside.
After taking theses pics I added on a few more layers
and biked to Target to get a few things.
As you can see I've been having fun with expressions lately.

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Blue Baby
faux fur infinity scarf: My Style Lab/ jean jacket: Lucky Brand
high-waist jeans: Levi's/ booties: Antia

Ya ya ya my face isn't showing
so what huh?!
No worries not sad
just tired face at the moment.
Did bonk my head pretty good though on the dang jeep.
Ha was a bit swollen over my left eye
but all is well cuz it went down already.

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Wabbit Season!  No Duck Season!
faux fur infinity scarf: My Style Lab/ high-waist jeans: Levi's

Ah bunny ears
gotta love a classic.

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Frozen Layers
pompom beanie: Mossimo Supply Co/ sweater: Chico's D.E.S.I.G.N
long-sleeve top: Mossimo Supply Co/ high-waist jeans: Silence + Noise/ boots: Bass

Dressed in layers, with colors of the freezing temperatures.
Though there are those odd moments of hot sunniness.
So layers definitely come to be a necessity with random changes of temperature.

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. Amanda .

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