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 Hi, I'm Vani from ThriftyChicClothing.com and this is my first post on The Fashion Collage.  I will be doing some posts on my loves of all that revolves around fashion.

Here are some lovely fashion quotes that give me inspiration:

All of these quotes revolve around being different, and embracing fashion as how you love it and envision it.  The above quote is  my favorite and it gives me inspiration every day.  It has been my phone lock wallpaper since I first read it.  When I read this, I envision someone like Marilyn Monroe or Coco Chanel having written it.  It gives me inspiration to be myself.  

The above quote reminds me of the true power of fashion.  When people see you, you are immediately judged to a certain degree based on your apparel.  Fashion is your way to be able to portray yourself whatever way you want to.  It is very powerful.  

Being odd and imperfect is okay, not everything has to always be perfect.  Like the mixing prints trend, being different can be interesting and appealing.  

Till next post,

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