So I've been searching for the theme to use in my FIDM portfolio. So far what I have in mind is to go back to my fashion root's. The Gothic scene has had an huge influence with who I am today, and with my personal style consisting of dark elements along with a trendy edgy twist. I feel it'll be interesting to experiment with all the possibilities of different trends. Currently my portfoio is a work in progress seeing how I can develop the idea more, because I noticed that what I'm aiming for is pretty populaur in today's culture with cleberties showing off dark fashion.
''Make beautiful thing's dark, and dark thing's beautiful''

(^ Is my slogan) The step that I am thinking of taking is mixing both light (as in colorful) and dark trends. Like faries with bullet belts, or that twisted barbie doll. The top key elements to my designs are must have studds, spikes and strapps but, I'm trying my best to not over do it. Anyway  I think that mixing two style's is a perfect example of duality and personality.  

 To be perfectly honest I'm losing sleep on this portfolio but, it's all going to be worth it. So Fashion Inc, this upcoming semester I would love the helping idea's that you dolls and dudes will have to offer. Glamour hardcore zombie, I guess that's the theme. Lot's of neon color, retro puck rocker and slashing trends that make you drool. That's what I'm going for.

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