Hey Dolls,

A fashion duo has arrived with a big bang! I am speaking about the designers behind the NAHM brand. The brand launched fall 2011 and has left the fashion spectators craving for more. As a spectator with a sweet eye I can say I will be keeping a close eye on these two. Nary Manivong and Alexandria Hilfiger (daughter of Tommy Hilfiger) are the creative duo behind NAHM. Despite the obvious relationship to the Hilfiger last name the brand has created and developed their own aesthetic and is reflective of their own creativity. The collection is focused on women’s shirt dresses with inspiration from men’s shirting combined with feminine accents. My favorite detail of their collections is the collar, it happens to fit beautifully with the garment. It reminds me of Twiggy’s short collared vintage 1960’s dress. All I can say is bravo and I would love to own one piece…or two.

(Designers: Nary Manivong, Alexandria Hilfiger)

Fall/Winter 2011

Spring/Summer 2012

Reyna Cazares

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