Looks Of The Week

Feeling Girly In Loose Pigtails
flower crown: K is for Kani/ sweater: Roxy/ dress: Forever 21/ sweater tights: Target/ booties: Antia 

Flowers in your hair, loose pigtails, and a dress are sure to get you in that girly mood.  

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Feeling Hip With 60s Flair
fedora: Target/ silver choker: Urban Outfitters/ cardigan: Forever 21
v-neck shirt: American Apparel (but printed on by Fashion Inc.)
high-waist jeans: Silence + Noise/ booties: Antia

Representing the Fashion Inc. club with our awesome club shirt.
This was the day all the clubs set up tables on the USU balcony to get more people to join.
Our goal was to get 15 people to add to the club's e-mail list.
But we did better than that and had 37 people interested in us!
Thought I'd keep things hip with my free girl, 60's flair sort of style.
And the maroon hat was sure to draw attention ^-^

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Stripes & Braids
striped sweater: Roxy/ scarf: Forever 21/ shirt: American Apparel (print by Fashion Inc.)
sweater tights: Target

Figured I'd make things interesting with stripes and braids
which can be seen in my extremely long scarf
and copied throughout my hair.
Brought in some cut-off jeans and sweater tights of the same color to continue the length.

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Wine-Colored Stare
trapper hat: Target/ fake leather jacket: Xhilaration/ thermal top: Merona (in mens)
skinny jeans: BDG

Keeping it all the color of wine.
And fighting off the cold with my warm, furry trapper hat and fake leather jacket.
Love the edge this jacket adds to my looks.
Makes for a more serious way to wear my brightly colored jeans.

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I'm Warm. And You Are?
necklace: Forever 21/ sweater top: Liz Claiborne Liz Sport/ thermal top: Mossimo Supply Co high-waist jeans: Silence + Noise/ leather purse: Coach/ boots: Bass

The sweater top was one of my awesome buys from the thrift store ^-^
Tried to create an as close to monochromatic color scheme as possible.
Broke up the red-orange with some brown from my necklace, purse, and boots.

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Fievel Goes West
high-waist jeans: Levi's

Everything else in this look is thrifted and tag-less, so no clue where they're from.
But man they are some of my great finds collected over the years ^-^
Created a kind of western look with the scarf and colors.
Realized this look kind of looked like Fievel from Fievel Goes West ^-^

One of my favorite movies growing up.
I even had one of those Fievel stuffed animals.

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Darkness Engulfs Me
oversized sweater: Mossimo/ high-waist jeans: Silence + Noise

 Just feeling dark in my big puffy sweater.
Today Darkness engulfs me.

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Minnie Mouse
 Minnie Mouse top: Disney/ high-waist jeans: Silence + Noise/ multi-stringed cuff: Forever 21

I absolutely had to have this Minnie Mouse top when I found it.
Reminds me of childhood with my favorite Minnie Mouse tops I wore.
Disney everything was a big part of my childhood :3

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