The Fashio Duo

   Who knew that these two beautiful girls would turn out to be oe of the hugest fashion icons today. They have always been in vogue, but twin actresses and clothing designers Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are now truly in Vogue, gracing the cover of the fashion magazine's newest best dressed issue.

   The twins truly inspire me. They dare to try new trends, take risks and are not affraid to stand out. Both girl's have a unique distintive style, on top of that fashion experts have a diffucult time trying to describe the twin's style in one word. I think that the only word that can truely describe them and their style is ''Original''. 
  Their each other's mirror, pushing one another out their confront zone ( I wish I had someone like that). Shifting from ''Full House'' to FASHION , with their own line ''The Row''.
    The twins are chic, edgy, beyond firece and are sporting new trends after the 'in'' trend has just become in. I truely love these girls, they have a huge influence on me when it comes to fashion, and originality.

Dani Castano