Keep Cozy...

It isn't always easy to keep warm and still look stylish at the same time.  This takes me back to the 5th grade when mom bought me that huge marshmallow jacket!  I think we've all been through one of those.  And if I can remember clearly, I hated it.  Sure, I remember perfectly! It may have been cute back then but it doesn't quite do the trick now.  This season it's all about colorful cozy sweaters, that can be layered.  I have been seeing printed sweaters in bright colors and I am in love!

Untitled #99

(Sweaters from Old Navy $25-$33) 

Untitled #100

For that layered look we all love, pair the sweater with a collared shirt.  You can do many variations not only by mixing different colors but pairing it with a unique collar.  It will give your cozy look a completely different perspective!  



Bear-y Nice

Just finished my homework,
which I believe I did amazing on,
and saw this on Facebook.
Isn't it absolutely adorable and silly?
Definitely fits me;
if you know me and my goofy moments you would agree.
Want it so bad.
If you want this lovely bear faux fur coat
you can find it here at OASAP.

Good night everyone ^-^

. Amanda .


Smell The Flowers

I know things have been stressful out there.
Busy bees with school and life just being how it is.
But don't forget to take a little time for yourself
and smell the flowers.
Besides Thanksgiving break is almost here ^-^

 Just one more day.
Back to school work myself.
Ta ta for now.

. Amanda .


2 Ways To Wear A Holiday Dress

So I saw this cool video on Free People's Blog
and felt the need to share it with you guys.
Enjoy ^-^ and good night.


Things That Interest Me

 A painting by Audrey Kawasaki, called "Yuuwaku" allure, oil and graphite on wood.
I just wish my artwork were as awesome as this.
I do love images of beautiful women.

Here's an example of my artwork to give you an idea.
I have a bit of a water color style, but haven't actually learned how to use water colors yet.
Acrylic on canvas.
Been thinking of wanting to learn how to use oil paint someday because it is suppose to be much easier to blend, but so much more drying time between layers.

This is a fox skull that Dominic (my boyfriend) found in the back of our friend's yard when he was doing work for her.
I love this old brown look to it.
Think he ended up getting it to a bleached white.

Natalie Suarez, one of my favorite bloggers.
She is very inspiring in her style and the way she lives.
She's a model, a musician who sings and plays piano and guitar, and she travels the world for her job.
She always has this free spirit about her that I absolutely love.

On a side note,
I honestly keep thinking of going back to having bangs like these.
But then I remember how bummed I was when I wanted them to disappear.
It took forever for them to grow out.

This feathery looking jacket right here.
I want it.
An awesome faux fur coat that can be found here at Naomi and Lavender.
It just give that free bird feel if you know what I mean.

I absolutely love flower crowns.
Been thinking of making my own.
This girl Sharon makes these flower crowns that you can buy at her Etsy shop here.
And you can check out her awesome blog here.

Oh and by the way it was my birthday yesterday.
I turned 23.
I've been asked if I feel older, but honestly no I don't.
I still feel the same, but the number keeps changing.
My interests and style changes, but older nope not at all.

Ta ta for now my lovelies.

. Amanda .

Know What It's Like.....

I know many of you reading blogs are interested in a career in fashion. Although it might seem like there is nothing fashion related here in Fresno, it is up to you to create your fashion experience. It is up to you to know what you want now in order to build up on it. Don't get discouraged. Yeah will have to move to a bigger city eventually but take the time to make rookie mistakes right now. Building a fashion career is a lot of hard work and it takes dedication. Once you actually make it in the industry you will have to prove yourself a hard worker, it never stops but the rewards are amazing. Keep doing what you do best fashionistas and go after your dreams!

What are you doing to build your fashion portfolio? ♥
-Natalie Juarez
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Lipstick From October

So I bought a whole slew of new lipsticks the day before Halloween.
Was out running errands with my mom
and was thinking of how I've really been wanting a black lipstick to try out just for the fun of it.  Then started thinking of how it would be lots of fun to try out a whole bunch of other colors too.
So after all errands were run,
I ended up buying a total of 10 lipsticks, balm stain, and lip butter.

Revlon- Just Bitten Kissable- Balm Stain- 010 Darling Cherie
The stick it's self looks like a lovely lavender (3rd from the left in the image above).
But when put on my lips, it gives them a soft pink tint.
It's hardly noticeable and basically works as a chap-stick.
Decided to return it because it didn't make my lips that lovely lavender color.

Revlon- Colorburst Lip Butter- 065 Creamsicle
The stick is peach.
Just adds a light, hardly noticeable shimmer of peach tint to lips.
Going to return this one as well.

Thinking that balm stain and lip butter is not what I want
because they don't give a bold color as lipstick.
I don't think balms and butters are really worth buying in different shades
because I can't tell the difference when they're on the lips. 

Maybelline- Colorsensational- 740 Sparkling Sand
Stick is a pale beige color.
Acted as the previous balms,
not noticeable, going to return.

Maybelline- Colorsensational- 440 Mauve It Up
Stick is a plum color.
On lips it is more of a purple tinted red-raspberry.
Even though this is a "colorsensational" as the previous
the color actually shows on the lips.
Guess they made some improvements
because the packaging says it's a new shade.

As a note to lip colors
your natural lip color will affect how the color of your lip products will appear over your lips.
So because my natural lip color is a red-salmon shade
I will expect my lip products to have my natural shade to show through
if they are not made of a waxier content.

Loreal Paris- Colour Riche- 176 Sunset Angora
The lipstick is a salmon-pink (on the far left).
On my lips it comes out quite like that color,
but of a calmer tone and red-tinted from my natural lip color
because this lipstick is of a less waxy content.

Loreal Paris- Colour Riche- 177 Fiery Veil
The lipstick is a bold red-orange (2nd from the left).
On my lips it is slightly tamer than the stick color,
yet still bold,
and of course a redder orange.
Definitely a lipstick I'd use for a sexy, unique red.
This color is for attention grabbing.
And it looks great with my dark brown hair/eyes and golden skin.

Lipstick tip#1:
For soft nice looking lips,
always apply chap-stick on before you apply lip color.
Chap Stick brand is my favorite because it always keeps my lips soft.
And if your lips are peely
a gentle scrubbing with a soft toothbrush can scrub that away.
Always apply chap-stick after exfoliating.

Rimmel London- Lasting Finish Lipstick- 276 Kasbah
Lipstick is a bronze-salmon.
On lips a redder bronze,
extremely close to the color of the lipstick.

Rimmel London- Lasting Finish Lipstick- 124 Bordeaux
Lipstick is a maroon-wine.
On the lips it is much more of a red-wine than the actual lipstick.
Quite bold and womanly.
Tends to make the skin tone appear lighter,
which I really like.

Lipstick tip #2:
To make lipstick last long,
even while drinking drinks,
be sure to add more than one layer.
1st apply chap-stick then blot with tissue,
apply a layer of lipstick then blot,
continue layering and blotting between each layer 'til reach desired color.
Sometimes I'll just do two layers of lipstick,
other times maybe five layers.
After you eat your lipstick will fade,
so you will always need to re-apply after eating,
but possibly just a light touch-up after drinks.

Revlon- Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme- 663 Va Va Violet
Lipstick is a very dark purple.
On lips a pretty purple-wine.
But the lipstick doesn't stick well,
it's quite patchy, 
my skin shows through pieces of the lip color.
It's as though this lipstick is of cheaper quality,
so going to return it.

Wet n Wild- Fantasy Makers- 12460 Black/Noir
Lipstick is black.
Appears black on lips.
A very soft lipstick,
so if not careful it can get a bit messy.
In this case it may be wise to secure the lipstick
by putting some cover-up around the lip area so it won't bleed.
When my dad first saw this lipstick on me,
he freaked out, lol.
And my boyfriend absolutely loved this color on me
when I sent him a pic to his phone.
Black lipstick is an extreme way to get people to notice you,
and a fabulous winter color;
dark as the cloudy skies.

Lipstick tip #3:
To calm a lipstick color down;
such as bold black lipstick.
First apply a layer of chap-stick (don't blot),
then apply a layer of lipstick.
Instead of blotting with tissue,
you will want to blend the lipstick into the chap-stick with your finger.
This thins out the waxiness of the lipstick creating a sheerer color.
Try to keep the color within the lip.
If lipstick bleeds out you can get a q-tip and some make-up remover to clean up outside the lips.

If you go out there to experiment with lip colors,
don't worry if it doesn't workout
because you can always return it for store credit
or exchange it for something else in the make-up section.
Always save your receipt.

Happy experimenting ^-^

. Amanda .


Sasha and Malia Obama on Election Night

As you know the presidential election brought different perspectives to the plate. Although we all might have different political views, as fashionistas we can tell great sense of style when we see it. Sasha and Malia are always spotted wearing a fabulous collection of trendy and conservative clothes, they are already perceived as fashion icons on the rise. I'm not going to lie, I wish I had their wardrobe. I have put together some inspired looks from the election night, they were both wearing age-appropriate high-waisted skirts. The looks look effortless but fun to experiment with and get inspired by.
Malia, 14, is wearing a blue high-waisted silk skirt and a black three-quater sleeve shirt, the pink belt adds a pop of color and makes the look more alive. 
Sasha, 11, wore a green A-line skirt, a grey button up sweater and a beautiful black blouse that gathered in a huge bow at the chest. Sasha also wore a pop of color by wearing a colorful beaded necklace. 

The Perfect Purse

Is it me, or is it really getting harder to find the perfect purse?  As a college student with just about a billion things on my plate, I feel as I am always on the run!  In recent years I have found that I'm drawn towards smaller purses.  When you're on the run it gets difficult to stay organized.  A small purse makes that much easier (trust me).  It gives you the perfect space for only the things you NEED.  Lately, I've been drooling over all Rebecca Minkcoff bags.  They are the perfect size and come in the most amazing colors!  Okay so technically these purses are pricey and out of reach for some of us.  But it doesn't cost to look! I guess I should actually start putting money inside that piggy bank.

(All purses by Rebecca Minkoff)



Spring 2013 inspired Colors

Have you thought about your Spring Wardrobe yet?
Well, if you are or going to here are some inspiration color for Spring by
"Pantone Fashion + Home" that you shall consider getting it to your Spring Collection.
Poppy RedCarmen Marc Valvo
By: Carmen Marc Valvo
Ella Moss
By: Ella Moss
Tender ShootsRachel Roy
By: Rachel Roy
Lemon Zest  
Grayed JadePeter Som
By: Peter Som

Dust Blue & Monaco BlueCharlotte Ronson
By: Charlotte Ronson

 "Dress who you are, not who other imprint you to be.  Be Fabulous. Be Fantastic. Be FASHIONISTA. "---Nancy Hang

El Dia de los Muertos

Ever since I can remember El Dia de los Muertos, has always been an integral part of my life.  Being born in Mexico City has allowed me to appreciate and know my culture.  When I came to the United States in the 90's El Dia de los Muertos was not so well known here.  In recent years I have noticed the volume of growth in knowledge of our holiday and aspects of it within American society.  And I don't blame anybody for wanting to adopt El Dia del Los Muertos as a personal holiday.  The Day of the Dead lands on November 1st (for the adults) and November 2nd (for children).  El Dia de los Muertos is a holiday used in Mexican culture to remember our deceased loved ones.  Around this time you might see altars elaborately decorated with bright pinks, yellows, greens, reds, blues etc.  An important symbol of The Day of the Dead is La Calavera because it represents the spirit of the deseased.  La Calavera is usually made of sugar hence the name "sugar skulls".  Sugar skulls are also placed on the altar, their presence is necessary for it to be complete.  Grieving over the loss of a loved one is always depressing but El Dia de los Muertos makes you focus on the positive and never the negative.  I think my favorite thing besides the meaning of the holiday are the decorations. The symbols and use of color for The Day of the Dead have become widely adored and have served as inspiration to many.  If you practice a different culture don't be afraid to immerse yourself in others.  Culture is one of those beneficial things that allow us to grow by learning more about those who surround us.  So what are you waiting for?  Put up your altar!

Pictures courtesy of Claudia Contreras taken in Tlaquepaque Jalisco