Happy Halloween to all my guys and dolls,

My name is Marivel and here’s a little about me… First, I am happy and excited to be working on this blog with all these creative and beautiful people. I am a journalism major, and you must be thinking ‘How do fashion and journalism tie together?’ Well, my goal… my

dream is to work at a fashion magazine. I look up to Nina Garcia, Ann Shoket, Ana Wintour (just to name a few). And my fashion icon is the talented, Audrey Hepburn. Confession: My love for fashion just emerged a couple of years ago, so right now I am
craving fashion knowledge. I will do my best to be creative and bring something new to the table for everybody to read.




As many of you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. On Saturday Fresno State held the Susan G. Komen for the cure race which was the perfect opportunity to show support. Breast cancer is a type of cancer where cells in the breast tissue divide and grow without normal control. It is a widespread and random disease, striking women and men of all ages and races. Many stores such as Forever 21 have a great deal in which 10 % of the purchase goes towards the cause. Why not buy trendy pieces where proceeds of which support nonprofit breast cancer organizations. Its a win win situation by helping out and staying in style!




But you do not necessarily have to wear a clothing item that says support breast cancer, simply THINK PINK!

Love Natalie


The Great Pumpkin is Near!

Happy Friday Gems!

Since everyone know's that Halloween 2011 is coming up Monday October 31st, all by means this weekend is where all the fun begins! Its time to take advantage of living in someone else's shoes or better yet something else's shoes!

According to Google, Nicki Minaj has made it to be the 'Most Searched Celebrity Halloween Costume of 2011'! What makes this costume so unique is that you are able to put your creative talent to work and collect pieces of clothing and give it your a complete Minaj style.

Here are some fun DIY of a couple of Nicki assambles that you can use as inspirations for this Halloween!

Be creative, loud & fierce. Have fun & stay safe this Halloween!

Fall Must Have - Bright Pants

Fashion addicts, join the trend!

It was evident in the Fall 2011 runways that bright pants were in. This is a very easy trend to follow. I'm guilty for loving black and the fall is the perfect time to wear it. This fall it's time for us to take a risk and show how anyone can follow this trend. Bright pants can be perfect with a black blazer or with a neutral top. Versatile enough to be paired with flats or heels. The pants will be your statement piece and being that many people are scared of wearing them, it's sure to get you noticed.

Bright pants where seen in many runways including Rachel Roy, DKNY, Tahari, and Alice + Olivia just to name a few.

Celebrities soon followed, including Khloe and Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, Whitney Port, Kate Bosworth and so on.

We can all find these styles, I've seen them at Express, American Apparel, and my favorite colored pants would be from Zara (they started selling in United States in September). American Eagle also has some colored pants. There are always options for any type of budget.

So let your jeans rest for a day or two and bring out those bright pants. They are an attention getter and I'm sure it's good attention if you accessorize them properly. Will you join the trend or let others get the attention that's rightfully yours?

Au Revoir fashionistas,



Loving Leggings

With the Fall season and cold weather quickly approaching, I've notice that a lot of girls (including myself) have started to wear leggings, and why not!!! They are comfortable, stretchy and depending on what kind you get they car be very warm!! I have also noticed that girls also like to where them on a night out. You know when its cold out and you don't want to put on a short skirt or dress.

So now!!!! I'm going to show how to dress leggings up without looking like your about to go to yoga

The first one is...DRESS THE UP WITH HEELS!!
Every has a pair of really nice pumps or boots to
wear with all black leggings.
The more extravagant the better !!

Next...Try Leggings with designs on them and dress them up with a solid colored top and/or blazer ...and it never fails to wear tights underneath your dresses and skirts
I hope this was hopeful for you


DIY Halloween Costumes

Hi Dolls,

It's that time of the year when spooky goblins, witches, princesses, and fairy's parade around town! When I was a youngster I used to love Halloween and still do! It's that time of the year when you get to dress up and be someone or something else. The only downfall is that costumes have gotten too expensive for many of our pockets (not to mention us college students). Not to worry people! I have created some DIY Halloween Costume sets for you guys! These sets were created by using garments that we might already have in our closets. If you find yourself short of garments go to your local thrift store and save yourself a buck or two!

Great Things About Creating Your Own Costume

1. No one else will be wearing what you are.
2. You will not spend $50 on a costume that you will only wear once.
3. You will feel proud of your creativeness.








Have a spooky fashionable Halloween!



Statement Coats to Arrive Fashionably

Time to think about fall/winter wardrobes fashionistas!

When fall arrived about a month ago I was ecstatic. We could start wearing sweaters, coats, jeans and closed shoes without feeling like your body is cooking in the scorching temperature outside. Granted the weather is still fairly warm but it will soon get cooler outside. I love the idea of having a statement piece. What is better than statement coats including a wool coat, trench coat, and cardigan to end this year fashionably.

You're at a restaurant waiting to be seated when a couple arrives and the woman is wearing an amazing coat! You don't know if they dress or outfit under it is amazing as well but the way woman look with statement jackets just takes everyones breath away. It screams sophistication! This girls, is the power of an amazing coat!

Let's start with a classic trench coat. This is a must have by every woman out there. It's a classic piece that can always be used as a statement coat, some celebrities even use it as there whole outfit! This is a Banana Republic trench coat, the fitting, material, style is rich and a guarantee to have you noticed.
Leighton Meester from Gossip girl shows that even if it's raining, a girl can still be fashionable. This is the main purpose of a trench coat, it's perfect for the rain! Don't let the weather scare you.

A classic coat has also come to be known as a well fitting wool coat. Many of us have seen these everywhere, LITERALLY! They sell wool coats from Target, to Forever21, to Macys, and Nordstrom. This coat is a Victorias Secret A-Line Wool Coat.

Keeping up with Leighton Meester examples, here she is again showing how a coat can make a statement in it's own. I myself have done this with the Victorias Secret coat shown above. I like Leighton Meester wore the red coat on top of a black dress. This instantly shows you care about what you are wearing. You are putting time into your outfits, which might come naturally but others might think it took us a long time.

Cardigans are wonderful for fall. They are perfect for those days were it's just a bit chilly but a coat would be too much. This piece I completely melted when I saw it on display at White House Black Market a couple of weeks ago. I tried to ignore my extreme feeling that I "HAD TO HAVE IT", but after a week I just gave up and had to purchase it. The texture is amazing, the stripes are the perfect width. It is sinched in the back for it to be closer to your back than a regular cardigan. The stripes and fact that it's black and white screams timeless.

Being that this is a new sweater I couldn't find a celebrity to show you wearing it. When I saw it I thought it was a total Gwen Stefani cardigan. I was only able to find this other model with her in a full outfit from head to toe. Definitely recommend to wear heels.

It might be intimidating when trying to purchase a coat. Quality should always be considered since quality will last you more than having saved a couple bucks for something of less quality. These will remain in your wardrobe forever if you purchase the correct ones. Statement coats should always be considered as an investment piece. I personally own all three examples and know they are perfect for various occasions, including work. So come on girls, it's time for us to show men how cold weather won't stop us from making them turn their head to see us walking past them.

Au Revoir fashion addicts,



Dreaming of Fashion ♥

Bonjour fashion addicts!

My name is Angie. Fashion has been a part of me at a very young age. I live, breath, and dream fashion. I believe everyone can be fashionable regardless of where they come from. My mind is constantly going on about ideas for clothing and possible outfits that would be amazing. I'm in the process of sketching for a possible clothing collection I plan to begin in the near future. Every girls dream right? Don't get me wrong if you see me walking in the mall or walking to class I'll most likely be wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I'm a Bay Area girl, that's how I was raised, what else are you supposed to wear to the beach? That doesn't mean I don't dress up because I do, but only for special occasions or depending on my mood.

If a celebrity could help you better understand my sense of style, it would have to be Megan Fox. Okay I admit, I'm a total Megan Fox fan, I have all her magazines where she appears on the cover. She's exactly how I am, laid back, if you see her grabbing coffee or doing her nails, she's in jeans and a print shirt, so simple yet so her. I've managed to scoop some of her looks , her dress she wore on David Letterman and a body suit she wore on Rolling Stone Magazine. Comes to show not only a celebrity can wear amazing clothing.

Join me in this journey through past and present fashion, to show just how anyone can wear anything, it's just a matter of having the knowledge of putting an outfit together.

Au Revoir,




Helllloooooo Worldddddd!!!!!!

My name is Jenovia Weaver, I'm 21 and I'm from Los Angeles, California!! I came to Fresno State in 2008 to study business management, and I recently took up a minor in Fashion merchandising. I've always loved fashion because of where I'm from, LA highly influenced me. I'm also inspired by celebrities like Nicki Minaj A lot of people would think to mention Nicki as their inspiration to fashion because of some of her wild outfits but she my inspiration.
I'm also absolutely in love with Kim K's Style As you can see, these are totally two different styles, but that's how I am #unpredictable


Los Angeles Study Tour

The intense traffic and smell of pollution, coffee shops in every corner, and colorful murals on walls steps away from each other, and people walking to their fast paced jobs. All these attractions quickly take me away from small town Fresno and bring me to Los Angeles, California. I see a young girl walking out of the Fashion Market with a cropped tank top, faded high-waisted shorts, black wedge heels and it makes me think, well aren’t you looking lovely! I looked down at my cheetah button up blouse, black pants, and red grandma shoes that I was forced to wear at an attempt of being “comfortable” for a busy day. I quickly think, “I should have worn something like that!” but realistically walking in high wedge shoes up and down several stairs and elevators is really not the business. Yes, I love fashion but I also love comfort! There’s a time and place for everything and that just was not the place. I must say that I fell in love with the city’s “style” everyone being so different, so unique, and fresh.

Hello Dolls!

I know it has been a long while since we have tangled on the page. It’s been an extremely busy semester at Fresno State but being busy definitely keeps me on my toes. In today’s blog I will be taking you guys along a trip I took with the Study Tours Fashion Merchandising class offered by Fresno State, which was ridiculously amazing! We visited various companies on our two day trip, which gave us a closer look behind the scenes of the hard working fashion industry. The class visited the AG Jeans factory, Karen Kane, American Apparel, California Apparel News, and The Fashion Market. It takes a lot of hard work to be at the level that some of these people are at, but can be achieved with a lot of determination. Visiting Los Angeles made me realize how much fashion really is my passion. I hope you guys and gals enjoy some of the pictures I took!

P.S. Forgive the lack of detailed pictures of every company. Their privacy has to be respected.

♥ Golden Sewing Machine at AG Jeans!


♥ Fashion merchandising students waiting at Karen Kane♥


♥Inside their factory with all their fabrics♥

♥Lonnie Kane owner of The Karen Kane Company explains that their details on each garment are done by hand♥

♥Dinner after a busy day! (left to right, me: Reyna, Sara, Nav)♥

♥Show being filmed right across from our hotel! How awesome is that?! I wanted to run across the street and jump in front of the camera!♥

♥ The Fashion Bookstore inside of The Fashion Market. The most amazing book store full of everything you need to know about the fashion industry.♥

♥ Inside "The Fashion Market"

♥Apparel News♥

♥Amy Valencia (Executive Director)♥

♥Room where they keep all the past Apparel News♥

♥Finally, finished the day with some shopping!

♥(Left to right: Nikki, Me, Sara, Nav)

This trip was absolutely amazing and tiring as well. I had so much fun and look forward to our San Francisco trip this Thursday! I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures of the trip even though there were only a few. Until next time!

Much Love,